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My babies!

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Here's Peedoodle on top of the tv in the bedroom - as always!
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Here's Kahu (we had shaved him a few weeks ago for the summer, the fur is slowly growing back LOL)
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Aww they're so sweet! I love that one of peedoodle
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Peedoodle wants to be a tv star!
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Awww! Too cute!
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Precious! They look so soft and huggable!
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Awwww! How sweet Kellye!
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I LOVE the TV kitty!
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Peedoodles! LOL - Very sweet babies
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They're absolutely adorable. Thanks for sharing.
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Love the purrbabies Peadoodle looks too relaxed on top of the TV
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What pretty kitties! Lilith loves the top of the TV too. I always say, "Look, Lilith's on TV!"

I bet Kahu was grateful to lose the extra hair for the summer!
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They are both adorable, as always Kellye. Look at that floof of a tail on Kahu! LOL
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One of the hairs on his tail came out and it was about 7 inches long!!!!!!

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I haven't seen these cat in a long time!! Peedoodle (love the name) and Kahu look so relaxed. I'm sure Kahu loved the shave!

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They are so cute. Its funny to see CC on tv.
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what cuties!!
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i'm not sure if u guys noticed..on the tv where peedoodles is lying on top says.. a bad mistake, a hanger... nice description....
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Kate, I saw that too and had to laugh! "The bad mistake, a hanger." Kellye, how the heck do I get the captioning to work on my TV? LOL I get so frustrated, I just push a whole lot of buttons and I got it to come up once but no luck ever since. On the other hand, I know how to see the results of every horse race in Australia, the stock exchange, the weather for every city in the world and quote of the day etc etc but not the one thing I actually want.

My housemate insists I have the TV on mute while she talks on the phone (instead of her going to a different room) so the captioning was really useful that one time I did get it to work.
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I am not sure about australian tvs - I know in NZ tvs, you have to press in the numbers 801 to get it started. Does your tv come with a manual? they may help or you can look online.

I noticed the captions, funny - the other pic has captions that say "They're more of an active"

Let me see if I can put it here.
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LOL mate. That one does certainly not look like 'more of an active'.

Yep, I've looked in the manual and it says to contact whoever provides the Teletext if you can't work it. Will try the 801 thing though.
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