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cat fighting through the window...

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One of my cats (I have 2, male, neutered, both 7 years old) is driving me nuts. He sits in the window and is happy as can be watching the birds, rabbits, and any other wild life that wanders by. Until he sees another cat. At that point he will start a low growl that escalates to that high-pitched and extraorinarily loud screaming that happens in big-time cat fights. Mind you, he cannot get to the outside cat as he's inside. But the screaming does not stop until the stranger cat leaves.

The stranger cat isn't screaming back ~ only mine. And stranger cat normally won't go away unless I go outside and shoo him away. After he/she's gone, my cat calms down and turns back into his loving self.

The problem here is, stranger cat likes to come around at night or very early in the morning. This wakes me up ~ as well as my neighbors. I'm going to call my local government office to see if there's an ordinance about letting cats run free or not (because I believe stranger cat is someone's pet) but in the meantime, what can I do (if anything) about this complete over-reaction by my kitty? (Note that my other cat doesn't freak out like this ~ he could care less.) And why the heck does he do this?

Sleepless in Philly...
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Maybe if you sprayed a repellant around your house so the cats would not go around there.Mothballs keep cats away as well. Can you somehow keep your cat somewhere away from the window or cover it when you are in bed so he wont disturb you. Good luck
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If you call the local authorities, they are liable to catch the cat and put him in a kill shelter where his chances are slim of surviving or being placed. In other words they could and probably will euthanize him if no one claims him. Ask around to some of your neighbors if they have a cat like the one teasing yours. Cats are territorial and that's why your cat is freaking out. You might want to try putting your cat in another room. Keep us posted.
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Unless you take some steps to find the cats owner or take the cat somewhere the chances are slim that the cat will dissapear until ready. Your one boy is just a very territorial one. It is very common. You are lucky that he is not taking it out on your other cat. Sometimes they take the aggression out on the other cat or even their humans. I think the best,fastest and easiest way to help would be to get some kind of shade or blind that you can pull during these hours the cat is hanging around and getting you cat going.
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