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I couldn't believe it!.See, Shalee is going to a school that I requested a transfer to,,it is not in our district but she wanted to go to this certain middle school since most of her friends were going there...well, I thought I would take her first and drop her off and thinking it would make it quicker, no way! we sat in the dropping off kids line for over 30 minutes, and then it took another 15 minutes to get Sam over to the elementry school,,we got there at 8:05, but I just couldn't believe it took me over an hour to just take them to school....I left here at 7:10 and didn't get home until 8:20....I had to walk Sam in to help him get all of his school supplies inside since they all didn't fit in his back pack...I am going to see if there is a bus that takes middle school students to Shalee;s school from the elementry school Sam goes to......I am still stressin from all the traffic I had to get through this morning..It was a complete nightmare!
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If they don't have a bus maybe you can ask the other friends parent if you can make a sharing in driving them to school .That every day some one els is driving .
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I'm glad I don't have to deal with that kind of stuff anymore! I feel for you!
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wow thats a long time, i hope you find a better way, i bet you are stressed better luck the next time
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