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British Shorthairs, Jellybean and Duncan

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Here's a picture of my babies!
Cindy W.
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What cuties! I love their little catdoor.
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Yeah, that CatHole door is the one of the very best products I have ever had the pleasure of owning. My husband put it together for me. He said it was easy as pie to put together. The cats will thank me forever and eternally for that door. It leads them down into the basement where their litter boxes are. It keeps my dogs out of the litter boxes (they had a very gross fondness for the kitty box contents...yuck!). Another nice thing about it is the fact that they always have an escape route from the dogs. A way to get away from the dogs is wonderful for them. None of my dogs can fit through it...although they do poke their heads in once in Here is a picture of my Boxer, Bear peeking through!

Also, here is the link to CatHole...really a great product! (I swear, I don't work for the company, but, I do like to pass along my rave reviews about it when I can, because that door alone has solved soooo many different types of problems for us with our cats and dogs)

Thanks for the nice words about my britty kitties! Cindy W.
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Cute kitties!!!!! oh and puppy!

Thanks for sharing.
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I like how British kitties are so much plumper looking than American kitties. They're so tight and compact and fuzzy! And these ones are grey and poofy! Love it, love it, love it!
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LOL that is a great cat door!! And your gray kitties ohhhhh
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I love the brittish short hairs. And your kitties are SOOO pretty!
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Oh those Kitty's!!!!!! I just love them, I want to hug one.
I feel a second cat will be in my home soon.

What is there personality like? oh please tell me all about them.
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They're so pretty! Love that first pic!
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OMG, I just love those round little faces!
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What nice comments about my kitties! Thank you!

To the person who inquired about their personalities...mine are very sweet. Quite affectioniate, but...always reserved and on their terms. Definitely NOT lap cats. They prefer to sit next to me, not on me. Sometimes, I crave for a more cuddly type cat. I am used to being raised with aggressively/overly zealous friendly Siamese when I was growing up. The reserve of the Brit took some getting used to for me.

They are very dog-like. Duncan walks like a Bull-dog. He is compact, stocky. Both follow me around, come running to me, investigate each thing I do during the day. Duncan is bomb-proof...nothing skittish about him. Courageous and bold he is. Jellybean, my newest addtion (only has been with us for a little over a month) is still adjusting to his surroundings and is a bit nervous. Both are sweet as pie. Nothing mean about either of them. They would never dream of using their claws or teeth. Both seem to be very...almost extremely tolerant cats. Nothing much phases them.

They are beautiful to look at and to feel. Their is nothing like their plush PLUSH hair. It is thick beyond belief, yet short. They are big teddy bears that purr as the saying goes.

There is so much more to say about them, but...I'll stop for now. You would never go wrong with owning a Britty Kitty.

Thanks again everyone for all of your very nice comments! Cindy W.
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Thank you so much. They are such big boned sweet looking cats.
I am going to try and find a cat show and or breeder in my area and see some in person. For me, that is the type of cat I like more independent not a lap cat. The fur, yes it looks like you just want to run your hands and face in it. Beautiful cats Cindy.
I want one right now(lol)

PS cindy if you want to pm me, you can tell me all you like about them. I am all ears (lol)
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What distinguished looking British gentlemen.
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Such handsome guys! Please give them scritches from me!!!
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awww that is my FAVORITE breed!
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Wow! Everyone really likes these Britty kitties! I am glad everyone is enjoying them. I thought I would add one last picture of Duncan. My daughter, Alida, is packing him around like she always they are! Cindy W.
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Oh my gosh! Duncan's huge! Okay, I'm a definite fan!
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Oh My OH My!!!!!
He is just gorgeous!!!
and your daughter is beautiful.

I must have one just like him(lol)
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