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Help with hair dying!

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Hi guys

I am naturally dark haired, but have the top half of my hair dyed blonde and the underneath dark brown.

I am sick of getting dark roots and desperately want to dye my hair back to dark brown.....does anyone know if I can put a dark brown dye onto the blonde?

Will it dye ok, or will it make the blonde go a funny colour?

Sorry I know this doesn't seem important, but it's getting me down.

Love to you all

Clare x
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My guess would be that it can be done, but you should consider getting it done at a salon. They will know which colour to use to really cover up the blonde. Because first they will have to strip out the colour that is there, and then apply new colour, otherwise you will be in a big mess, with green or orange or purple hair.
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You scared me for a moment, I thought you said your hair was dying!

But I have not dyed my hair for a long time, and never blonde - I was always a redhead
But I am sure there are some members who can help you here.
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I dye, and redye my hair all the time. I usually go for reddish tones, but this last time I chose black. It was quite a few shades darker than my natural color and covered fine.

If you're really worried about it, you could get it done at a salon and make sure it comes out the way you'd like.
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If you want perfect result, the saloon will handle that, but thats more expensive.
I dye my have often at a saloon (or sometimes 70% dye, then it fades without getting a root).
Before I did it myself, but only with up to 70% dye. It was always a succes, exept for one time
That was a disaster! At that time I just came home from a year stay in California, and my hair was golden blond and I dicited to try a bit darker reddish color. First I tries Mahagony, and my hair turned bright orange!!! I was told to be careful with the red tones for blond hair. Next time chestnut worked very fine, but aparently Mahagony was to dark, so the red came to much out (I also have red in my natural haircolor, so maybe thats why it got so strong red). I have also tried just plain brown in blond hair, and that worked fine.

So my advise is: Don´t use 100% colour, 70% is less risky, and use more brown that red tones, since discoloured blond colours "grap" the red tones. (Maybe 100% would be fine if you use just brown).
Good luck!
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It's always much easier to go from light to dark. I dont think you'll have a problem.

Its when you try to lighten dark hair that it turns orange
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I've dyed my hair many times from blonde to brown to red to blonde etc. It's always turned out fine. One time I had to use 2 boxes of dye 2 days apart to get the dramatic effect I wanted. It turned out very well. You can also strip your own hair if you want and don't have the money for a salon. I've done it. But after you strip it, you have to use 2 boxes of dye and leave it on extra time.
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hi guys

just wanted to say a huge thanks for your replies. I bought a dark brown dye, and thank fully have got rid of the blonde - but the dark brown looks a bit black. But I can live with it, have a red shampoo toner to put on.

So thanks alot!
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I'm happy it worked out fine for you!
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I'm sorry I didn't see this earlier. Most hair dying works out okay if you're careful. Don't mix brands of hair dye. I did that and ended up with green hair once.

My last bit was going from dark red back to medium blonde. I had to double process it and really drab it down, but my hair looks natural and is almost my true color.

To lighten it up a little, go to a salon and ask for a 3 or 4 panels of highlights. Then you won't notice.
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Let see pics!!!!!!!!!
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I've never done anything to my hair to color/discolor it, but good luck!
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My natural hair color looks atrocious on me. I had people telling me for years I shouldn't dye my hair that color, only it wasn't dyed! The natural color is what I call dishwater blonde. It didn't go with my skin tone at all. When I was younger, I was very blonde, but it got darker as I got into my twenties.

About 10 yrs ago, I decided I wanted to be a redhead. I have been dyeing my hair various shades of red ever since. I get compliments on it all the time, and a lot of people think it is my real hair color! It looks better on my than my "real" color did! It is so long now that it takes two boxes of dye to color it completely.
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