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Riley's weekend fun

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LOL well woke up Saterday morning & our newly adopted stray, Riley, was really lovable. I couldn't figure it out, he jumped up on my lap & started just rolling around. I was so happy thinking yes we've had a break thru. WRONG, it seems our little darling managed to get his indentifing coller off that night & was showing off. His only problem was he didn't hide good enough. He looked so disappointed when we put it back on him.
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that is so cute... ! Is he an indoor kitty? Maybe let him leave it off..
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Mine were also very proud when they got them off. They were working as a team, chewing on each other's collar. And, to make sure I couldn't find them, lifted up the sink stopper and dropped all 3 of the tags into the drain.

It doesn't matter why he was rolling around on you, he did, and that's what counts, right?
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that is so funny, i bet he gets it off again my sister tried that collar thing with the first cat she got, he was a inside kitty, anyhow he would take it off everytime, she finally gave up, so with the next few kitties, she didnt try wish you luck with him, and that name Riley, i love it, real cute
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How cute! they really are like children sometimes!
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aww..how sweet...if he is indoor, I would just keep it off too...
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Yes he is an indoor kitty, unfort the adoption place I got him from won't allow it. I had to sign a contract that I wouldn't declaw him(ni biggy there), he would only be an indoor cat(again no problem there) & I would always leave the collor on him. It's a saftey collor that also has a little metal tag that says he is an indoor cat & if he's lost to return him to Kitty Angels so they can get him back to me. If they notice at any time he doesn't have his collor they can take him away from me, by the contract.
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Woah .. You had to sign a contract that your indoor cat has to wear a collar?? That is the oddest thing I've ever heard
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