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Kev, a website you may want to look into re: grieving for pets:


Also if you go to Amazon.com, and do a book search for "pet loss", there are quite a few titles.

Thank goodness the world is starting to admit that losing a pet is like losing a family member or best friend. There is no such thing as "just a cat", as you well know.
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Originally posted by kev
Just to let you know that I have been to see the vet today and settle the bill. . . . the vet has confirmed that she would have died that day any way and we helped her through kindness - not cruelty.
. . . No one ever wrote a book on greiving for a lost pet or how to deal with grief did they?
I keep thinking about another cat - but in some ways its way too early and I am mentally shot to hell. It would feel as though am trying to replace her and I have no intention of doing that.
Your story sounds all too familiar to me. . . . vet bills, wondering what went wrong. . . if you did the right thing. . . the overwhelming grief. . . . feeling like you're the only person in the world who is so emotional about their cat. . . . and already aching to help another one.

I was already searching the Humane Society. . . . seeing all those cats in need just broke my heart and I found "Morrell" only a few weeks after I lost poor George.

Morrell could never take George's place. They are sooo different! I will always miss George. But somehow I find it very healing to put my energy into another needy kitty. . .

I'm glad you came back to talk to everyone. . .

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Kev, I found those pictures. I'll post them in that forum for you.

Once again, I'm so sorry for your loss. If you need to talk, you can always come here.
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I just read Kev's post about his kitty Vicki. She has joined many of our beloved kitties at the Rainbow Bridge. Kev has requested that Vicki's pictures be posted in her rememberance.

Vicki you will be missed by many. May you rest in peace Sweet One!

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Frolick well at the Bridge pretty girl! Daddy misses you and loves you.
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I am so sorry that Vicki didn't make it. My heart goes out to Kev and family for their loss.
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Kev we all miss you and hope life stops being topsey turvey soon. Our prayers are with you.
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What a beautiful girl

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Kev I am truly sorry to hear that Vicki didn't make it. She will be smiling down from the Rainbow Bridge on her beloved family for all that you did for her. Bless you for giving her the love and attention that she deserved in her life.
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Maybe Vicki had to go to help your step dad cross over. At least neither are alone and they are both watching over you now as your guardian angels. I know it doesn't ease the feeling of loss...nothing will. Just know we are here for you when ever you need us.
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I am truly sorry for your loss. I am moving this to the Bridge-
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I also brought her pictures over here so everyone could see this wonderful cat who no longer graces your life
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Hey Kev, yeah, it's too soon to think of taking in another kitty, but when the time comes, you'll know it. And a thought for you about that: Vicky won't be thinking you want to replace her -- she'll know that the love you shared was just so great that you had to have the company of another of her species. She will know, too, that this will give you happiness -- something she can no longer do for you, but wants for you more than anything. All in good time. Hang in there!
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Vicki was a beautiful cat.
Take care of yourself, Kev. You gave her a good life & lots of love while she was with you.
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I'm so sorry My boys are both still very young but i can't even think of one day losing them.
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I've just seen this thread, I am so sorry for your loss, but think Vicki was pretty lucky to have had these past 4 years with you, and to know she was loved even when she was so aggressive when unwell.

Please also accept my sympathies on the loss of your step-father.
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Kev, I am SO sorry for your loss! You will be in my thoughts!
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