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Boarding issue

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We are going on vacation in 5 weeks and I am not sure of what to do with Samson. Samson in 19 years old. We have always left him at the house and had someone come in and take care of him and Lovey Lou in the past. I am not sure that will work now. Lovey died a few weeks ago and I am not sure it is wise to leave Samson in the house by himself. Samson has never been alone. He always been with Lovey or I have been with him. Our Vet/kennel not far from us, less than 2 miles aways. I thought about taking him there for the week now I am having second thoughts.... I realy don't want him confine to a kennel for 9 days... We also have 3 dogs. 2 of the three dogs are going to the kennel. This kennel has large runs and air condition units and it is were the dogs were born... I realy don't think that the place for Samson. That why I thought about our vet.

The last 2 times we have left the cats home the sitters did not care for our cats like I would have liked. I am not sure if they came at all. We always leave a self feeder and water for the cats and plenty of litter pans. The last 2 times when I came home the feeder was just about empty. the water was running a little low and the litter pans looked like they had not been taken care of in a day or so.

So the question is Should I take my 19 year old Cat out of his sounding and kennel him or should I try another pet sitter?

Thanks for the input
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No, don't kennel - you not being there is bad enough but at his age this can be very traumatic.

Can your Vet maybe recommend a Pet sitter?
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We have are going to leave Samson home. I talked it over with several people and it will be best if Samson stays in his own home.
Thanks for all the help\\
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I think you're right to doubt your previous sitters - it does sound like they weren't doing their job.

I'd vote for finding a pet sitter that your vet could recommend, too...maybe he or she knows of a vet tech that can do this?

If you must board Samson, try to find a place that keeps the cats separate from the dogs...I leave my cats at a cats-only clinic that has a quiet room away from all the hustle & bustle...they even play soft music in the background, and the cats have a window to see out of. A technician lives on the premises, to look in on the cats during the night. Most vets or boarding kennels are loud & scary, though, especially for an older cat. Always ask to see the facilities before leaving your pet with anyone.
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What about another cat? An older one that could keep him company?
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I have thought about that a lot. Samson has never been the only cat in the house until now. We have always other cat a even dogs, too small dogs. So Samson is use to dogs be around. The only thing is that our house hold had changed a great deal since Samson has been with us. We now have German shepherd. 3 of them. The dogs and Samson get along well. I make sure Samson and the dogs are separated when I leave the house. Not that the dogs would hurt Samson, I am concern about his age and the dogs getting to playful with the old guy. Samson is in his golden years. He deserves to have whatever he wants and needs. I make sure that whatever is wanted or needed he has. So he has a room of the house that is only his NO DOGS allowed in that room at all. The dogs know not to come across the threshold of the door or Mom will get very upset and bad things will happen.

I do a lot of traveling now with the dogs. 2 of the 3 compete in Conformation shows pretty much all year round and every other year we breed one of our females, we always have a waiting list for Bae’s pups. Matter of fact we had a litter on June 10. They just left for there new homes. So I am not sure Samson would enjoy having a kitten around. He was very pleased to see the puppies go to their new homes. Here is a picture of our Family. As you can see Samson is very laid back..

Take care
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What a great picture! Beautiful dogs, and Samson looks quite comfortable there.
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Oh LoveyLou, your Shepards are just beautiful!!! And Sampson looks right at home between them! How lucky can you get. My dog and cats "get along" but I could never get them all together like that with having to sedate a cat or two.....hehe

Beautiful family!!!!

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