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Catarina - thanks for the 'present' - (Phil pic I mean)

Kathy 70005 - Yes - all my kitties (now + Ripley) are indoor children. My cats are very calm and understanding when I have taken in others - I think that Baby - age 14 has set the tone for this. He is quite the mother hen and very protective of anything small. All my kids have come from bad circumstances and were all introduced first to the Alpha Cat Baby. Once he accepted each addition, the rest was easy. BTW - little Sweetie is a doll to hold and cuddle with. She is still scared - but warming up to us. Mom and the other two remaining are all curled up on the front porch - who will be next?????????
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Lucky, lucky fur babies to have found you (or other way around?).

God bless!
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I just want to take this chance to tell you all how much you mean to me!!! I just love it here, at the catsite...and feel like you ALL are family!!
Catarina....you are so gorgious, and so is Phil, we never get tired of seeing pics of him or of you!
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I just happened to be thinking about you guys and see who or if anyone of the others came into your home today....just checkin

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Thank you, I was considering adopting another baby. Clarise stays indoors so we just might adopting another
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:angel2: Dearest Debby (lil sis),

I'm so sorry that I didn't see your posting, thanks so much for loving me, forgivng me and accepting me :girly2:...you are indeed an angel.::angel2:

Love Always,
Your Big Sis,


I thought you might like this pic
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Catarina..loving you is easy. because you are so great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Forgive you? Whatever for???
You have nothing to ask anyone's forgiveness for, my beloved big sis..

Ps....I LOVE that sweet picture!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Sorry I didn't write sooner - little Sweetie was placed for adoption at our local no-kill shelter on Tuesday - I feel terrible about this -but realize I cannot care for the entire family. Little Rip is responding nicely to his medications and has gained weight - gotten nice soft fur and is a real terror as a healthy kitten should be. I have not trapped any others since Sweetie - I needed a few days off from trying and quite frankly, mom Goldie was very wary of me for the next three days. Will start 'luring' again tomorrow........
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Dear Debra :angel2:

I've been trying to post this but my darn computer keeps kicking me offline! I'm sorry to hear about Sweetie, but I'm sure she'll be adopted out and you can't save the world! :angel2: However, I know you'll be trying to catch each one and give it the proper attention. I just can feel that about you! It's amazing how the people here are so special. I feel so lucky to know each of you. I've been blessed by you guys!

Debra, your concern is so understandable for Goldie too. You're definitely right to give her some space. I'm sure it's a lot on them emotionally as well. I know it's like you just want to be able to explain that you're just doing them a huge favor. Eventually she'll come around. No worries Sweetie, things will smooth over

Love &
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Rip is just about running the house! His two remaining siblings and I are playing with the 'feather - cat trapper' almost daily. I am able to reach down and slightly touch them. - Popeye and Scamp are feeling like apropriate names. Goldie is still elusive with me and can't believe her little golden eyes when she sees her two remaining youngsters actually spend time with me. I may have a placement for the little guys starting next weekend - so will wait to trap until then.
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