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House Guest

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We left on a family trip yesterday to go and visit my husband's family South of Buffalo, NY - About 1/3 of the way there, my hubby decided he didn't want to go through the stress of visiting with his relatives. (long horrible childhood stories). He has a bad heart and I needed to respect his decision - and I was secretly pleased!

To make a long story short......we turned around and came home. As some of you know - I have been trying to trap a family of ferals including 4 little kittens born in April. Well last night about 11pm hubby told me to look outside the kitchen window on the wood pile! There was "Little Ripley 2" (yes, they all 5 have names) looking inside very intently. Hubby ocupied his interest and I quietly went outside and snagged him with a towel. Rip spent the night in a carrier segregated from the rest. He is dirty - and so thin. Rip is the runt. I have an appt at the Vets @ 10am this morning. I was ringing their phone as they walked in the door. Needs a good physical, etc. Eyes are runny. As I have 5 fur babies already, I don't want any infection or fleas inside!
Needless to say........I think he is WAY TOO CUTE to put up for adoption! When you have 5 what is one more?
A day that was going to be full of stress and tension turned into a beautiful evening with a new freind! See? God works in mysterious ways!
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Dear Debra :

What a great story!!! I know exactly how that feels too! How loving!!! It's something only us cat lovers would understand
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Congrats on catching Rip2 hope he gets a clean bill of health!
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So glad you caught Ripley. Hope he gets a clean bill of health and just needs a little fattening up.
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Like I said earlier; EVERYONE, it seems, is getting a NEW EDITION ! What wonderful news!!! (maybe something here at the Site is "contagious" A form of NEW CAT fever!!!! :laughing2
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Got to the vet this morning and I was not too happy. He weighs in at 1.6 lbs. They insisted on taking blood from him (it's a boy!)for the FIV, etc test. After they couldn't get it from his front leg - they tried his neck!! I about went through the roof - looked painful to me. Needless to say, they could not get a sample - he is too scrawny. Eye medication - amoxicillan and $60 later we left there. He has absolutely no ear mites or fleas. Hard for me to fathom, considering he has been outside. Goldie is a good mom to keep him so clean. They want me to quarantine Rip 2 as they are not sure if he has FRV or a bad cold. As I have 5 other cats I have to go along with this somewhat. No pneumonia though. We now have a kitty condo set up in the living room complete with litter box - food and water, etc. and of course, his private little travel trailer to sleep in. The vet wanted him father away from my children - but I do not have a room that mine do not go into. The cellar is OUT as it is too damp and my hubby said NO WAY - we have taken him away from his mother and siblings - he is not going to stay down there. I am washing my hands well and have a Ripley shirt to put on when cuddling him. He wants to be held all the time and purrs so loud - I can hear him all over. The vet said he should improve in 48 hrs on the amox. My friend told me to try some lysine (sp) - Any suggestions on what to do would be helpful. I don't want to take any chances with my own tribe - but can't bear the thought of him in a cold dark basement. Also - what do you think his mother is thinking? Do they look long for their young when gone? I am worried about the rest of the brood - They were up eating and romping on the front porch this morning. I know I am rambling....so will close for now. Thanks!
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YAY!!!! Ripley2 has a home. Is there ONE room you can isolate him in with a door? You could put a towel under the door so he is completely isolated. I know how hard it is when you are pretty much limited in space. Good luck! There is always the bathroom, even though I know it's kind of a "cold" atmosphere. I know that Ripley2 is in good hands.

Do you want to try and trap his siblings? You can always borrow a trap from one of the local shelters. Keep us posted on Ripley2's progress and the other family members.
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I am working on trapping the siblings and mom! I am home on vacation the next two weeks and hope to make that my project. The others are less friendly than Rip. I think he knew that he needed help. Call me crazy - but I choose to believe that Angels led him to the door last night and allowed him to be comfortable enough to be picked up.
I have asked the local shelters for kitten traps - no luck. I do have an adult trap from a friend of mine who works with ferals. I have no other room including the bathroom that I can close off. Next house I build will have extras!!! Maybe a kitty rescue room?
I am shocked that Rip is so comfortable with us! He loves to be held and cuddled. Mom and the others just came for their supper about 1/2 hr ago - thanks for your support.
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Congrads on the new addition. You are right, the man above works his wonders when need be. Keep us posted. Can't wait to hear the stories of Rip growing up.

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I am so glad that little Rip found an like you!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Dear Debra...

I'm with Debby on that!!! You are indeed an :angel2:

God Bless You and All your loved ones!!!!!! :angel2:

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Rip is very lethargic today - has slept all but about 2 hrs.
Eyes are looking much better. He is a good trooper about taking his medications and getting the eye ointment put in. I am going to try some 'baby food' tonight for supper. Not eating well today either! I am somewhat concerned about him. What a love he is..still purring all the time I hold him. Went to the dollar store today - (God bless the $ store) and got a bunch of "Ripley towels" for when handling him. One of his siblings was peering in the front door this morning - maybe he (she) will be next??
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I hope Ripley is feeling better soon and that you are able to catch the other kittens. You and your husband are wonderful people to rescue this poor kitten and to spend the money and time to make him better. I'll keep my fingers crossed that his illness is not contageous and that it goes away quickly.
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I too hope that Rip continues to improve - tonight he sat up and washed his little face - I think the baby food gave him some energy. I just pray that he does not have the FRV they re looking at.
Thanks for your kind words and thoughts.
Rip went right over to my big lummox (sp) of a dog tonight and tried to lay down next to her! When I get back to work - I will have to borrow my boss's digital camera and get a pic of the little fellow! He is so pitiful looking he is actually cute!
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Oh Debra

I'm so happy that he's doing much better! How cool that he was laying next to your big dog too!!!!!!!
:daisy: :daisy:

I can't wait till my India allows the cats near her. Actually, she wants to play with them...they want nothing to do with her. We do however have a neighbor with a dog that they seem to play with She's a female too.

:angel2:Prayers are sent your way!!! I hope this passes by very swiftly...you've worried enough!:angel2:

Love &,
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Oh Catarina, your kitten is so cute!!!!
Debra...I said a prayer for Rip, hope the poor little baby gets better soon!!!!!!!!!
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Thanks for your thoughts. I am just worried about him and my other cats - (5) - we are and indoor family and they could use a booster against this FRV stuff. Called the vet today and it will be about $150 to get them done! Wish I was made of money - but am not - so have appt for Monday and will put it on the already overloaded credit card. ssssshhhhhhhhhhhhh don't tell the hubby!
Rip 2 - (nicknamed Little Petie- don't ask me why??!! he just looks like a Pete) is doing a lot lot better! Meds seem to be working.
Catarina.......Your little one is absolutely gorgeous! How old?
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Dear Debby & Debra ...

I'm so sad that I posted that picture of my baby Scratch (I didn't mean to) You see, I found Scratch when he was approximately 3-7 days old..that's what the vet said. I stayed up for a whole week non-stop to be by his side. Never skipping a beat. Well, to make a long story short. From an ugly duckling, Scratchy turned out to be the most incredibly beautiful cat I've ever seen. He was a medium haired silver tabby...I've never seen any kitty like him. Needless to say, someone stole him and my other kitty after 3 days he was missing! I was beside myself for months. Sick, and I still get sick thinking of it. All I can do now is just simply pray to Jesus that he's loved and okay with a new family....Same with my Slate. Slate was so beautiful and vocal..what a riot he was Sorry!! His name applies to his color. My babies. Gone! I'm sorry to have to bring this news, but I thank God so much that none of my other babies have left me. I pray this never happens again. How heartwrenching. I raised that boy ...I don't need to say anything more; I'm sure you get it. Well, with that, I guess that answers your question more than enough...sorry
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Catarina - I am so very sorry about your kittens. You must still be in agony over it. I too hope that they is with a family that is caring for them. God will remember your kindness that you showed his little beloved creatures.
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Dear Debra...

Thank you so much for your kind words :angel2:...Sometimes I wonder and beat myself up unrecognizably...thinking/wondering if anything I ever do in this world is worth a hill of beans...I guess we're all guilty of thinking that way aren't we? But, I do thank you so much for your reply :angel2:

Love &,
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SUCKER!!!!! lol. Yes, sometimes you just can't say no can you?
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Catarina....you about made me cry with your last post.....don't EVER doubt that what you do in this world is worth a hill of beans....it is worth WAY more than that!!!! You have cheered me up through some tough times, I'm not sure I would have gotten through without you...like when I first met you, and was pouring my heart out to you on AOL instant messanger.

You are such a wonderful person....both with your kitties and with other people...you are an inspiration. I look at pictures of you, and you are so strong, and so fit, I feel so small in your presence, so weak, because I don't work out as often as I should...but my heart is strong, like yours...(my big sis... )
I Love you so much, and you, among others here, have brought such joy into my life....please know that in my book.....that means WAY more than a hill of beans!
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what does that mean ?:confused3 :confused3 :confused3 :confused3 :confused3 :confused3 :confused3 :confused3 :confused3 :confused3 :confused3 :confused3
What's one more? (+) (still wild in the yard.)
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Dearest Debby, :girly2: :angel2::girly2: :angel2:

I'm really sorry if I upset you about what I said. I guess it's this darn depression I'm in right now due to health problems. I can't believe what I did to my knee after a seizure or during one. I guess I fell on my perfectly made brand new bowl of Cheerios that had this great banana in it. I didn't even get a chance to eat it !!! Oh well, when it rains it pours. So, I not only had the stupid seizure(s), wiped out my knee, and woke up with a couple of cute paramedics tending to me.
:laughing: Of course none of them as good looking and as wonderful as my new man Philip....ooooo..I guess I can attach one more pic...I don't hear too many complaints as of yet....:laughing2::laughing2:
:girly2: Speaking of which ...here's one for us
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Oh my God........What a hunk of man meat!!!

OOPS! I think someone else said that - not me!

We have acquired house guest # 2 - lured another of Goldie's babies in last night - the old feather trick that Hissy told me about! This one is a little more wild and will take some work and socialization before he can be placed. Long haired gray - big beautiful,healthy looking eyes. Don't know the sex yet and handling is not a current option with this one. In a kitty condo set up right now in the basement. Rug and food and all the fixings. Two down and two to go + mom! Rip is getting more humanized every day - the life of Riley awaits him. Say kitty capture prayers for the rest of the brood for me??? - I am new at this trapping business!

+ to go!!!!
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Good luck to you, in rounding up the rest of that family! What a wonderful life they'll have together at your home! It's no doubt a great deal of work, but nevertheless I'm green with envy for you.


I so wish I could rescue the cats hereabouts. Alas, landlord-imposed rules prevent me from keeping more than two cats. So, I'll have to leave such matters in the hands of real-estate owners. Oh, well. (Did somebody say "Classless society"?)

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WOW WOW!!! You must be having so much fun! I wish I was picking up all those little tribbles Kittens are my favortie past, present and future times! :laughing2::laughing2: I never get enough kittens!! :laughing2: You must be in Heaven! All I would like to do is thank God for people like you! :angel2::angel2: There's not many Debra Myers :angel2: around in this world; I'm happy you were there to rescue them! Good luck in your future trapping efforts...but I have a feeling you won't have to trap 'em...they'll probably just come right to you...heart of gold...they sense those kind of things and they'll love you forever:

God Bless You & Yours......

PS...hey he is hot isn't he!...:LOL::LOL::laughing2::laughing2:
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Catarina - Hottie fails to describe your man!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Today was my 25th wedding anniversary - I showed my hubby your pics and said remember when we looked like that???? NOT!!!

You guys here are great! Thanks for your support.

Sweetie is now upstairs in the condo in the livingroom with Rip - He is kissing her all over and over and over..........
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you are sure right when saying God works in mysterious ways. I would have to add that I think you are a kitty's guardian angel. do all your kitty's stay indoors ? How do the others react when you bring another one in? I had a Tom that packed up and left when I broght another Tom in.
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Well Happy Anniversary!

:girly2: :daisy: :girly1:



Here's another of Phil after winning the USA He appreciates your compliments!!!!! He extends his very best wishes and blessings on your Anniversary and those to come

Love &,
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