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Kitten Peeing and pooping times

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Hi there,
My name is Erin and last night (about 12 hours ago) I adopted a 9 week old kitten. He's black and his name is Spook.

Now its been years since I've had a cat let alone a kitten.

Here is my question.

Is it normal for new kittens to not go pee or poo for 12 hours? Spook just peed and pooped but didn't all night. He wasn't in any pain or straining to go and I looked all over my room for any accidents, which there was none.

He's been to the vet with the other owner and has a perfect vet record. There doesn't seem to be anything wrong with him other than him waiting a long time to go to the bathroom.

Should I be worried or is this normal for kittens who come to new homes?
Thanks in advance.
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its totally normal as he is in a new enviroment and a little stressed out... sometimes they won't go for 24 hrs but the main thing is is that he went, just give him some time.. my cynder didn't either and i was soo worried and then hubby called me at work to say he had left a little gift on the carpet my boy is really picky and even now at 5 months he will only go twice a day, and only after he feels i have cleaned the litter box well enough. he will go before i go to work and then when i come home from work after i just start to clean the litter box he hops in.. don't worry as long as he is going your fine, and welcome to tcs
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*wipes brow*

Well thats a load off my mind.
Its really funny, the lady who brought him to me told me he wasn't a cuddly kitten. He slept under the covers, in between my arms, next to my face all night.

Before that we both fell asleep on the sofa, me on my back and him in between my breasts, purring away. For such a not so cuddly kitten he sure likes to cuddle.

Thanks for the welcome. I need some good light to get some photos of him, then I'll do my introduction properly.
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Have no fear- Wessie, my cat, is perfectly healthy and sleeps in my room all night without going to the bathroom. He usually goes before bed and then goes in the morning. Sounds like Spook has really taken a liking to you! It's a sign since he "isn't cuddly".
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My last cat which passed away 6 years ago was a "none cuddly cat" that also liked to cuddle. I guess its cause I just adore cats and the seem to sense that.
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I have had fifteen cats over the years.
Seven have gone to rainbow bridge.
Eight of them are here.
All were different. My last one is the friendest. I didn't plan that, he just came like that.
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