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Omg Omg Omg

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is this what I think it is!!!!!?????

Fur Pictures!
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omg omg omg you mean a whole Forum JUST for pictures???????
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wow i was first to post here

omg im so excited.. pictures only! arrrrrrrrhhh i hav a tear coming on!
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You beat me to the annoucement

Yep, following members feedback we have decided to create a special sub-forum in the lounge for kitty pics. As you may note, we have also put our literary forum as a sub-forum of the lounge. Feedback is welcome - nothing is set in stone just yet.

BTW, I am backing up the forums right now and once it's done I'm going to switch the board off for about half an hour to upgrade to the latest VB version.
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Wow, nifty!
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Sorry I posted first! LOL!

It looks really good! It's so exciting!

Thanks so much Anne!
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Glad you like it - I just moved some of the recent pictures thread in here.
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This is soooooooo cool!

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Good work Anne! I suspect this will be a busy sub-forum. So as the picture threads are bumped up in the lounge, will they be moved? I know we've had to do this on my other board. I would usually go back 2 or 3 pages and move what belongs in the new forum, then as the threads are bumped up we'd move them one by one
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Yep, once such threads pop up in the lounge we move them in here.
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I think this is going to be my new favorite forum
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Same Sicy!
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Love it!
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Whoohoo!! Love it!
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This is Great!!! all these beatiful cats.
I love to see everyones babies.
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Oh did i mention i love it?
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Chiming in late, but...........


Considering there is already 715 posts, I would say many other members love it to!!

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