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Birth Announcment!

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I don't know if anyone remembers me - I had the cat who was either pregnant or had worms, and after a trip to the vet we found out that she was indeed pregnant.

Well, I am now proud (a tad too proud!) to announce the birth of our four beautiful kittens! All are calico, with one looking like a leopard. (...???...)

The mother cat was extremely angry towards the end of her pregnancy, biting and crying for no reason. She went into labor when my sister and I were home from school. No panting or heavy breathing - just a lot of affection and some weird tail twitching.

She was frightened with the birth of the first one, screaming and thrashing all over the room. It didn't help that this kitten was born tail first. Long story short: Raise your hand if you've performed CPR to a kitten!! *Raises hand wildly*

The other three came easily, and her protective instincts set in quickly. My back is scratched and bruised from her leaping onto me after I stumbled in the hall. She's a tyrant and she strikes fear into everyone's hearts! It's silly to be afraid of a little while cat, I know..

PS: Is it true that kittens with 3 or more colors are female?
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Congrats on the new kittens!

Yes, calicos and tortoiseshells are almost always females (males are really really rare!)

Wow, CPR to a kitten! That's impressive! Could you tell a little bit more?

You will need to make arrangement to have her spayed as soom as possible. She could go into heat within weeks. Talk to your vet and see how soon after birth she or he will perform a spaying.

How about homes for the little ones? Don't separate them from their mommy and littermates before their 3 months old, but it's never too soon to start looking for homes (good homes are so hard to find).

BTW, I'm moving this thread to the lounge.
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