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My Dog is Blessed

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We left Kenai behind this weekend. We normally take her with us everywhere, but this weekend at the show it was so hot, we knew even with all the windows down she would be really uncomfortable so we left her at home, closing off all the gates letting her run the house and the property.

Our neighbor called us tonight, and yesterday Kenai was out on the highway! Circling the lanes, apparently she had traffic stopped, even the logging trucks! Now we have seen everything get hit out on this highway, deer, dogs, skunks, everything. But all four lanes of traffic slid to a halt for her and the only thing I can say is there is a special angel up there watching out for her! She had pushed open the gate and when she got outside, she must have ran down the drive looking for us. Then she ended up on the highway. I am so thankful that she did not get hit!
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Oh MA!

She is definitly blessed, I'm soooo glad she didn't get hurt!

Hugs to you and Mike!How scary!

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I'm thinking maybe an angel is looking out for not only her, but you. You have done so much good for all of those poor feral's, and perhaps some little furry angel looked down and protected your dog for you.
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Your life has just been too dramatic lately!
I hold my seat (& breath) with each new thread ;-)
Time for some peaceful moments. . . . no pissed off skunks, no close calls, no sadness. . . .

Deep breath. . . . tomorrow starts a brand new week.

I'm so glad that your dog is ok. . . .

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Thanks Laurie, but I am not taking deep breaths quite yet, the skunk odor has carried to the bedroom- breathing deep in there is hazardous to my health-
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That's ok, quick fast little breaths work too...well, actually, never mind, I got a head rush... thank goodness Kenai is ok!
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Oh, thank goodness nothing happened to her!
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Thank Heaven your baby is OK! What a scare!
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MA, i think your dog is somewhat miraculous....
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Oh my goodness , I would have freakt .She sure is blessed and must have angels with her to keep her save . I am sure you were in shock . I hope you will have a better week with out no problems . Bless your heart MA
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Wow, thank goodness she's OK!
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Thank God she is fine! Silly doggie. She wanted to be with the family!
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