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Spaying and E-collar

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I just picked up Myri (my new cat) today. She just got spayed this morning, and the shelter gave me an e-collar. They said I need to keep it on her for a week, but she looks so miserable when she's wearing it.

I took it off for a little bit while I was in the room with her so she could eat and drink more easily. She licked at the shaved area a bit, but didn't seem to be biting at the incision or anything like that. Will it be OK to get rid of the collar sooner, or should I just take it off when I'm in her room with her for a while?

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None of my cats ever had an e-collar after being spayed. My vet didnt think they needed one. They were up and playing with each other the next day too.
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I've never had a kitty sent home with an e-collar after a spay. They slept off the effects of the anesthesia the day they came home and were back to normal the next day. Also never had any pain meds sent home. I think it's okay to leave the collar off and keep a close eye on her spay incision. If you notice it's extremely red, oozing, or looks infected then get her to the vet ASAP.
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I can say as a veterinarian technician and having had my female cats spayed, it depends on the cat. Some cats chew at the surgery/incision site and some do not.

It also depends on if the cat has internal or external stitches.

Lastly, I would recommend if your going to take the Elizabethan collar off her make sure to watch her VERY closely for an extended period of time. I kept Elizabethan collars on all three of my cats after there spay surgery.
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Most cats don't need e-collars after being neutered or spayed. As long as she is okay with leaving the incision alone, I would definitely say she doesn't need it on while she's around you - when she's alone would be up to you.
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My vet didn't send my kitty home with an E-collar but I had to go get one the next day. She was licking at her incision and had a seroma so I had to get her to stop licking at it. I take it off of her so she can eat and sometimes I take it off for her just to give her a break from it. I don't know how long I'll keep it on her!
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My cats did not get sent home with e-collars either, but my cat Harley managed to remove a stitch and get an infection even though I kept an eye on her (she was very sneaky!) So after that she had to have antibiotics AND an e-collar.
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If you're in the same room with her, you're probably safe to take off the collar until you know how she reacts to (likely itchy and somewhat painful) stitches. If she nibbles at them, she's got to wear the collar--otherwise she might be just fine, like many other cats who have gone through spays just fine without the e-collar.
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How's she doing? She's such a pretty girl!
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Originally Posted by stephanietx View Post
How's she doing? She's such a pretty girl!
It's been a couple of days - I'm curious to hear how she's healing up too!
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