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Tomorrow is the end of.....

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the auction where I'm bidding on that cool cat tree/condo! And I'm still the high bidder! I'm keeping my fingers, toes and eyes crossed! I really like this one and they only charge $29 shipping. plus this is a power seller so should be safe!
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I'll cross my fingers for you also! Is this an E-bay purchase?
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Yep! I got a little smarter after I attempted that last time!
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That is a cool cat tree. Now, I've always been afraid of doing anything on ebay. For one thing, that PayPal is just too confusing for words, and for another thing, I just don't trust people that much.

However, I've heard that you should watch the bidding and if someone has a higher bid than you, that you should put in your bid, just before it's about to close, that way no one can out bid you.
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Man I hope you win that really awesome cat tree. Sounds like you got a better seller this time. I know it isn't a surefire thing but I always check out the sellers feedback rating. If it is below 95% positive then I usually will not bid on an item from them. Sad I know but I have found that the higher the rateing the better the seller. But then you have to realize that I haven't been bidding on things very long either, I may get burned in the future.Sorry I am rambling on

Anywho, keeping eyes, fingers and toes crossed for you to win that tree
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Now THAT is an AWESOME cat tree! I'll also cross my toes for you!
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This is only the second time I've bid on anything. I forgot to tell you guys that 2 days ago I got an email from some poor sucker that lost money to that seller I felt suspicious about. She was asking me what my experience was and if I ever got my tree. I felt bad for her. But I thank God I have good intuition!
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It's always a good idea to follow your gut feeling!
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Hey Tammie- That's a neat tree- I hope you win!
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10 hours to go and I'm still in the lead! I have to remember to check it while I'm at work. I'm so excited!
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What a cool tree I can see many hours of fun being had on that.

Good luck!

Clare x
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Good luck! I hope you get your cat tree.
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Well I've been outbid. I emailed the person who makes them and can buy one outright if I want but it will be a tiny more then I wanted to spend. I might do it anyway. The shipping is more reasonable then most of them, which helps.
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Sorry you got outbid! I hope it's still a good deal to buy from the person. I want to see pics of your crew sitting up there, enjoying the regal view!
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man o man that stinks, maybe you still can get one, if not that one another will come along, it is a really cool tree, i wouldnt blame you for wanting that one hope you get one.
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