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Sammycat will not be a happy camper

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I was just checking through the mail from yesterday and found the little reminder card for his checkup and shots. Oh boy this is going to be fun.....NOT! The last time I took him to the vet he had to spend the night for a hairball blockage. I hope that he doesn't think that is what he is getting in the carrier for this time
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Hopefully he won't remember! Just take some tastey treats for him!
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Awww... Sending hugs and treats for the Sammycat
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Ahhhhhh.....Sammycat....you're big-boned boy! Confuse him with treats before you put him in his carrier!!

My Tigger hides the minute I think about pulling the carriers out of the closet. He has a weird sense about things.....

*hugs* for Sammycat!
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Thanks for the treat idea. He does love his cookies I hope the vet want fuss too much about his big bonedness is there such a word as bonedness
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If someone understands the use of a word, then I say it's a word. Who cares what the dictionary says! What do they know anyway??

Sammycat is such a handsome boy!
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My cat/s always remember the trip to the vets. . . . especially poor George (bless his soul) who became a frequent flyer in the last several months.

I always got very anxious about putting him in his carrier. . . he was a big boy like your Sammy.

I used to sneak (very difficult as he followed me EVERYWHERE) his oversized (dog) carrier up the cellar stairs. . . . and into the bathroom. I would lay it with the door facing up. . . . then. . . . I would go find George. . . . give him some soothing pats. . . scoop him up. . . . walk into the bathroom with him. . . . close the door with my foot. . . . and slowly lower him into the carrier before he had a clue. . . close the cage door as fast as I could. . . . then would come the hard part. . . .listening to him carry on. . . he would get so upset that he would pee in his carrier every time.

Now with Molly (who is also due for her annual vet visit). . . . she's so much easier. I have a zippered bag (meant for cats) that I use. I pick her up. . . spin her around a few times to disorient her. . . and (with the room spinning!) I put her into the bag face first and quickly (without getting the tail and whiskers stuck in the zipper!) zip the bag up.


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