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Computer acting funny

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Has anyones computer been acting slow or weird .I dont know what is the matted w\\ my computer it is acting really slow and when i roll down the page it goes slow even if im doing it fast. i dont know what it is my bf is acting the same way but my is worse. well if anyone as any info please let me now cause i scaned it for viruses and nothing ok thanks
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Have you defragmented your PC lately? What about Disk Scan?

I can always tell when I need to do computer starts bogging down.
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Have you done a disc defrag lately? if not that could be one reason.
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LOL sorry, did not see the other post.
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Well, I know there's a new infection/worm that is messing with computers, but I think it's shutting them off after a few minutes.

To me, it's sounds like you need more memory. Sometimes when you don't have enough memory your computer will slow down. Did you run a scan disk to see if everything is OK? Also you might need to run the Defrag, as well.
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I didn't see the other posts either.
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Don't know if this applies to you or not but thought I'd pass it on.

The MSBlast.exe virus or LovSan Web Worm may enter your computer through a vulnerability in your computer's Microsoft Windows®-based operating system. According to current reports, this virus or worm is designed to cause computers to launch an electronic attack against Microsoft's Windows® help web site on August 16, 2003.

If you are using one of the following Microsoft Operating Systems, we recommend that you follow the instructions below to remove or safeguard your computer from the MSBlast.exe virus or LovSan Web Worm. Even if your computer isn't affected now, it could be in the future.

Microsoft Windows® NT 4.0,
Microsoft Windows® NT 4.0 Terminal Services Edition
Microsoft Windows® 2000
Microsoft Windows® XP
Microsoft Windows® Server 2003

Close all open programs and press and hold down the following keys simultaneously: Ctrl (Control), Alt and Delete
Click the Task Manager button
Select the Processes tab

Click the Image Name column to sort the list in alphabetical order

Select the msblast.exe file by clicking on it once. Then, click the End Process button. If you do not see msblast.exe in the list of running tasks, please proceed to Step 6 as you should still check your system for the Worm and apply the Microsoft patch. (Some operating systems require that you log in as Owner/Administrator in order to install this patch)

Now you can close the Windows® Task Manager screen by clicking the X in the upper right hand corner.
Next, determine which operating system you are using. Since Microsoft has different patches to protect each operating system, you will need to know which operating system you have on your computer.
Click on the Start button, go up to Run. Type winver and press the Enter key. The window displayed will indicate which operating system is being used (Windows(r) 2000, Windows(r) XP, etc.)
Once you have determined your operating system, go to and click on the link for you operating system.
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Whoa... that happens to me a lot when I don't see posts and they are delayed or something.
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yea my bf works on computers and he cleaned out my whole computer tonight before i go to bed im going to defragment and see i dont know
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i dont have those i have windows 98
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Originally posted by lau77
i dont have those i have windows 98
Whew! That's good. I just wanted to check! I have windows 98 at home too but I got that info at work where we have NT.
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Yeah, Win98 based systems don't have the blaster worm problem. Like the others suggested: try defrag--also do scandisk and disk cleanup. If your BF is good with PCs you may want him to go though your files and clean out any bad or empty ones and even clean up your registry. If he hasn't worked with regestries before then don't do it. Get something like Norton to clean it up.
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Yeah what TTMom said! Go to file/find/files or folders. Then type in *.tmp and search. Remove all the *.tmp files. Do the same with *.bak. Both those file extensions are safe to delete. Windows is supposed to clear those out regularly but always falls short. So if you do that then scan disk and defrag it should help. Memory is also cheap now. If you have less then 128MB then upgrade and that will also help tons! Good luck!
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Try defragging your drive. (just kidding ) Actually, you could have some browser hijacking programs and spyware running in the background. Depending on endless factors, they could have been installed without you knowing it. Go to and click on the Software Page. Go to the appropriate section and download Ad-aware. It's easy to run. Also, download "Hijack This" from This program will get things that ad-aware doesn't, but you'll have to be able to recognize which things to remove, unlike ad-aware where you just have to check the boxes after it's done searching.

Join the forums at spywareinfo, (I'm serious) and after you've run Hijack This, copy and paste the contents into a forum message asking which things should be removed. Someone will be glad to help and all you'll have to do is check the boxes once you know which ones to check. Also download Spybot S&D. It's easy to use and may get something that the others did not. Also try looking for some anti-trojan software. You can find some that will allow a free trial at The ones at spywareinfo will only let you try if you buy. It's sounds like a pain, but if you don't want anything stealing your resources and spying on you, it's worth trouble shooting with these programs. Your virus scanner probably doesn't detect trojans and certainly not spyware.
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Here's an idea.....


(OK, OK, just kidding)
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I downloaded it to my desktop, but it just keeps doing the same thing over and over. Where does it install to? (Just kidding) -very funny Kim
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Originally posted by Hydroaxe
I downloaded it to my desktop, but it just keeps doing the same thing over and over. Where does it install to? (Just kidding) -very funny Kim
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Please Run Scan Disk to see if their are any problems, ti's really good and repairs them with ease.

Also, Do you have Norton Utilities????
They have a good program called Norton Windoctor that is 100000000times better then Scan Disk and covers more things.

oh and if all else fails try kims idea!

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THanks alot everyone you guys are great it is working much better again thanks alot alll
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THanks alot everyone you guys are great it is working much better again thanks alot alll
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THAnk you so much you guys are the best it is working so much better you guys are the best thanks again
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