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How long does it take for eye med to start working?

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I have a 4 month old with an eye infection, I was using some eye med. terramycin, it wasnt working after about 2 days, I took her to the vet and she prescribed some eye ointment with cortisone in it, I used it on her for 1 and a half days and her eye became more irritated and red so I called the vet back and she is on Gentamicin ointment now since Saturday about noon, and still no real improvement. I am taking her back in tomorrow to the vet and see what I should do. I was just wondering if anyone else has had any experience with eye infections and how long it takes the medication to start working. Her little eyes are so red, I feel so sorry for her, she is feeling good and eating well, no sneezing or anything like that. She is isolated from the other cats too. I am adding GSE to her food also. Any ideas of what I am dealing with? I've never had one with such red eyes before.
I feel so bad for her.
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Did the vet stain the eye and look to see if it is scratched? The usual reason for it to take so long is a scratched eye. Poor baby, keep the eye cleaned with a warm moist washrag. Wash the gunk off the eye at least 2-3 times a day. Put the Ointment into the eye after cleaning around it. This will keep the bacteria count down and give the ointment a fighting chance. Have her checked for allergies too!Good luck and keep us posted.
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I dont think it is a scratch because she started out with it in only 1 eye and then spread to the other one. I'm really worried about her, she is feeling really good with lots of energy and eating well. She is running around on the floor playing with a ball right now and nipping at my ankles. Her little eyes are just so red, I feel helpless in what to do. She has had 2 doses of the new eye ointment yesterday, and 2 today. She is due another dose at 1 a.m. too that I will get up and give to her. I'm calling the vet 1st thing in the morning and asking her what to do. I've just never had one with eyes this red before. How often do you recommend that I dab her eyes with a warm wet cotton ball? I just wasnt sure I should very often as I thought I may wash out the medication.
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I recomend washing the eye area right before putting the menication in. Make sure you wipe from the nose to the outside of her face. This way they will be less irratated and the ointment should feel good going on the eye.
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I just went thru an eye infection with one of my baby's. The med the doctor gave me was incredible cleared it up in about 2 days, within the 1st we saw massive improvements. Unfortunatly I can't find a name on it for you, but I think it's from Phoenix company. I'm at work so will check when I get home.
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malynn, my cat had to be treated for an eye infection this past July... and actually in July 2002 as well. In July 2002, the vet had me giving him Neomycin with Dex eye ointment. The problem was, after a day or two (I had to give it to him for at least a week), his eye started getting puffy and red. (He was mainly squinting before this with a bit of discharge.) I took him off the Neomycin, and his eye issues were gone within a day.

Oddly enough, the same kind of issue happened this past July. (I'm starting to wonder about seasonal allergies.) Anyway, this year, Terramycin ointment was prescribed by his new vet. She prescribed the Terramycin because she thought Spike might have been allergic to the Neomycin because of the redness and puffiness he experienced last year.

Well, the same thing happened this year. The discharge stopped after about 2 treatments, but I was supposed to keep giving it to him for 3 more days. And he was still squinting. But then the redness and puffiness came back, so I stopped giving it to him again. I've started to wonder if he should only get one or two treatments and then stop with the medication as it might be the treatments irritating his eye once the discharge is over.

I'm sorry for the length of the post there, it's just that I know what you're going through. I stopped the medicine early because his eye was looking worse on it than before. And when I discussed it with my vet, she had the same thoughts about it. It just broke my heart to see his eye like that. I hope your little girl's eyes clear up soon.
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Thanks for everyones help. I have an appointment at 11:15 in the morning to go back in to the vet. I have had cats with eye infections before but never this red and never lasting this long. She seems to feel fine, her little eyes are just so red and she is kind of squinting too like you said. Hopefully we can get this thing taken care of soon. My vet told me she will put her on an oral antibiotic along with the eye meds tomorrow morning. Thanks again for your information, it really helps.
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Just an update. Looks like its starting to work now finally. I dont think I was getting enough of the medication onto her eye. She is small and squirmy and sometimes I have a hard time holding her but I made sure I got it in there really well the last few times and it seems to be working now. I took Hissys advice on another thread and put it in her eye with my cleaned and scrubbed little finger. My vet also put her on amoxidrops too. She has gained weight too! Finally! She is the one we were having the diarrhea problems with and Flagyl took care of that and she is gaining now and I'm so happy about that. She is such a cutie!
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