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She is about 2 1/2 months old and has been in the big pen outfront with her mother,2 brothers, and sister. I gave away 3 of the kittens and wanted to keep her. After I majorly bugged grandma, she let me bring her inside. It's been about a week now. Everytime I leave my room Spica meows like crazy and everytime runs to the door (as I try to go out it)and sometimes gets out past my feet. As soon as I come back in my room she stops meowing. My room is large, so I know it's not that.
As for nightime...used to she would go to sleep when I did, but the past few days she wants to play and meows non-stop untill I get up and find the toy she lost. I can get no sleep and I feel so guilty leaving my room or going somewhere. As for punishing her the most I have done is wear earplugs the past 2 nights and tried to ignore her(after making sure she has food, water, etc) so I dont incourage her behavior. I cant bring another cat inside and grandma's getting annoyed now and has mentioned maybe I should put her back outside. What should I do? I need sleep and I need to be able to leave without her running outside...she must be broken of that before I move (I dont want her following me outside and would rather not have to close her in a room with food, water, literbox until I get home). I also am worried now if I will have the same problem with my other cats when I bring them inside(all males).