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OMG, I've been gone sooo long!

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HEY GUYS!!!!! What's up? Goodness, I've been gone a long time. Life just got hectic for me. Luna is doing very well . . . she's over 5lbs now, and only just turned 5 months old! Whew! She is cured of the ringworm; we got the test results back a week or two ago, thank goodness. She is going to be spayed in less than a month. I just got done giving her a bath, to try to wash the yellow stain from the sulphur out of her fur (that we used to treat the ringworm). Fortunately, after all the bathing and dipping, she is very used to the bath tub, and doesn't fight me.

Alex and I just put a deposit down on the church that we're going to get married in. I'm so excited. We just started pre-marital couseling a week ago, too. That's is going well so far . . . the counselor lady is really nice.

School starts for me tomorrow, so last week was my last week of having a full time job. I'll still be working in my research lab, but only part time, now. I'll miss that. I am NOT looking forward to Physics; that's one of Georgia Tech's "weed-out" courses, where they try to make you fail.

Hmmm . . . I guess that's it for now . . . I'll post again to this thread if I think of anything I've left out. I really have just been working and studying this summer (I was in school part time, in addition to my job). And planning for my wedding . . . Anyway, my digital camera is out of order ATM, so I don't have any new pic's to post of my baby. Hopefully I will soon, though.
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Oh yeah . . . P.S. . . . nice new interface!! I thought I was at the wrong site when I first got here, LOL. When did that get put in place? Very sharp.
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Hi Viva!
It´s so nice to see you again.
I had been wondering where you disapeared to, and missing your posts - and news on Luna.
Give Luna a hug from me and my furgirls!
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Hehe! OK, I will as soon as she comes out from under the bed . . . she doesn't fight when I bathe her, but she's never very thrilled with me afterwards, either. LOL!
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Hey Viva!

The kitties & I have missed you soooooooooooo much! oh and of course Luna!

I'd love to see some new pics of Luna! *hinting*

Glad to see you back!



( Ohhhh and such good news about Luna getting better and you and ALex,,YAY )
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Welcome back, Viva!!! We missed you and Luna!!!
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Viva! OMG...is it you? It's so nice to see you around here again. Looks like you've been a busy woman! Glad to hear that you, Luna and Alex are doing good.

Hope to see you around here more often!
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Hey glad to see you on here again Luna sounds like she is getting to be a big girl post some pictures when you can. Congrats on the up coming wedding I know that you are very excited about finally booking the church, I know I was when I booked ours last year
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Viva! Good to see you again! I'm glad Luna is finally cleared of ringworm. Congrats on booking the church too.

Don't be a stranger! We missed you.
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Nice to see you Viv! Glad to hear the ringworm is gone and I wish you all the luck with school!
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Thanks everyone! I will post pic's as soon as the camera is back in action. Luna is such a pretty baby! (Though I am partial . . . ) I just can't get over how fast she is growing up! I love her fur; she's so soft!
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Awwwww! Don't keep us waiting to long!

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Welcome back Viva!!! Glad you found your way back here and didn't hit the back button at the new design It's only been implemented about a week ago. If you go to your control panel (using the options button at the top of the page) and go to options, you'll see you now have an option to change the way the forums look for you (change forums style).
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