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Non-profit Question

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HELP!!! I have an idea with a couple of friends of mine to start a Mobile Action Project here in Memphis. I have been racking my brain as to how to alleviate this huge overpopulation problem in this area. So many animals are put down each week and people just don't get their animals spayed or neutered. We were slated to get a new shelter built this next year but now that we are getting an NBA team, that is all on hold. (You can see where this cities priorities are!!!) There are many no-kill shelters in the area but they are always full. We have the Animal Protection Association here that we can work out a low cost deal with for around $10. When I say "Mobile", I mean we'd have around 10-20 volunteers who would transport animals to and from the shelter to get them spayed and neutered. My question is this: Since we are going to just be transporting (the person would give us the $10 and we would in turn pay it to the shelter)is there a need to become an entity in and of ourself? Should we become a non-profit since we will just be volunteering our time and gas? What are the benefits? Can we call ourselves "Directors, volunteers, or asst directors" if we are not a non-profit? Does anyone know how this works? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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This thread may help a bit http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...&threadid=1821
And you may want to Private Message or email Rene and ask her for advice. She runs a no-kill shelter. Good luck with your venture!

Editied when I realized you've posted on that very thread! Oops!
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This is the place I want to go - maybe next year...


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You need to contact your Corporate Division Office of your Secretary of State and ask for the packet to start a business. Once you get the packet, you read it, request the right forms from the different departments, fill them out, send in the monies and wait to see if your business will be approved or not. Once it is approved, then you proceed. I have sent in the paperwork and am waiting to hear. Good luck!
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