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Aggression After A Vet Visit

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Hey there! I am new to the forum and have a "problem" that maybe someone can help me with. I have two cats, a 4 year old grey/white male named "Luc" and a new 4 month old long haired black male named "Chewie". They have been getting along great since May, however, Chewie recently went for a vet visit and things have not been the same. Chewie and I were only gone from the house for about an hour, but once we returned, Luc won't go near Chewie. He is hissing and bopping the poor little guy on the head whenever he comes near!!!

Chewie desperately wants to play and cuddle with his big brother like they had been, but Luc will have no part of it. Should I be concerned? Things "seem" a little better today... but Luc still bops Chewie in the head whenever they have a face to face meeting.

Any suggestions? OR better yet, has anyone else had this experience and does anyone know WHY????
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He probly smells the scents from the vet on Chewie. I hope someone can give you some good advice, I'm sorry I cant be more helpful.
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Getting the 'vet' smell off the kitten may help the situation. Rub him with familiar smelling things, such as some of your clothing, or any bedding the kitties share. Then rub the same thing on the other cat, so that they smell the same. Hope this helps!
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Put a dab of vanilla under each cat's chin and another dab at the base of each cat's tail (on the back, not on their bottoms). This way both cats will smell the same and they won't be upset any longer.
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Thanks so much for all of the suggestions!!! It took about 2 days but the two cats are doing much better. I am concerned, however, that I will have to deal with this again soon when I get Chewie fixed next month. I think I'll have ammunition this time when I bring the baby home. I do plan to keep him seperated from the older cat for about one day to let him recover from his surgery before I let them face one another again. The whole thing still has me puzzled. I was even thinking of bringing the older cat with us to the vet next time so they'll both smell the same! Who knows? Cats can be weird. LOL

Thanks again!!!
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