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Lovin' That Air Conditioning!

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Sasha and his best friend, AC.
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Wow Sasha is a georgous kitty Just chillin!
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Make it colder, mom!
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Thanks! He loves that spot, right in front of the AC. He sleeps there all night long.
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That's too cooooool! What a pretty kitty.
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That's so cute!

My coworker was telling me that her kitty Whiskers has discovered the floor vent in the kitchen and naps on it. Whiskers is a bit tubby, and it leaves about 1/2" triangle on one corner open to cool the rest of the kitchen. But Whiskers just loves her fur blowing in the AC!
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LOL--Toes likes to hog the fan.
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Oh those are so cute and Sasha is gorgeous.
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Sasha is a cat I can fall in love with How cute . Is he one from the shelter ones you got ???
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Hey Sasha!

Make some room for Tillie his fur needs blowin' too!

Thanks for sharing Sue.. soooo cute!
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LOL Sam! Tillie hangs out in the attic, the hottest part of the house! She and Khepera seem to like the heat. We bring them downstairs into the AC and they run right back up!

Hedi, yes, Sasha is a shelter kitty. We were in disbelief that someone dropped off a Ragdoll! His owner's husband was being sent to Iraq and the owner (wife) was pregnant and moving back in with her mother. She decided to get rid of their cat. Their loss was definitely our gain, we love our big boy!

It is amazing how his coat thinned once the hot weather started. He shed enough for 3 cats! His fur is also getting lighter in the non-pointed areas, I am thinking eventually he may look more like a traditional seal point and not like a dark seal point.
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Cute, Cute cute! Sasha is beautiful! I think him and Peaches would get along. She likes to lay in front of the A/C in my room. The computer desk is in front of the A/C so she lays on top of that.
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She is soooo sweet looking and so adorable!
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can i share that with u? pretty pretty pls???
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Once in a while another cat will jump up there for a bit of AC but they don't have much luck. Sasha is a big guy, about 20 lbs! And he's not too inclined to move, either
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LOL, that's too cute! Ivo's figured out the exact spot on my bedroom floor where the AC hits the best (the windowsill isn't wide and she can't get up there). She manages to move her boogie mat (now her sleeping mat) right to that spot and stays there when the AC is on.
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That's so cute! And Sasha is such a pretty boy. Spike often lies on the top of the couch directly in front of the air conditioner. Smart little kitties!
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Originally posted by Mom of 10 Cats
Tillie hangs out in the attic, the hottest part of the house!
Sasha is sooooo pretty!!! Snowball doesn't like our air conditioner at all. I think he and Tillie would get along quite well together!!!
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Sue - My new baby who I get on the 23rd looks sooooo much like Sasha. Can't wait to get some pics and put in here!![IMG]C:\\My Pictures0039\\brown kitten after bug.gif[/IMG]
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Cute! your cat is so pretty!

Tavish likes to sit on the humidifer!!
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