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I recall reading a few days ago that someone had trouble going to sleep on a night.
I downloaded a cd a few weeks ago that is about 30 minutes long from Kazaa and have listened it a few times. I also concentrated on the way it makes you feel and controls your breathing whilst getting under the knife a couple of weeks ago.
I would be happy to save it back to my pc and then email you the whole lot direct or mail a cd to you with it on to help.
So far I know its 30 mins, never got past 20!!

try this for an immediate tip to relax - you are sat reading this or driving , in the office etc and without you knowing about it, the location of your tongue is pushed to the roof of your mouth. Its a natural thing and you may not know you are doing it.
Now, part your teeth, keeping the mouth closed and let your tongue sit on the bottom of your mouth. It feels kinda strange but 9 times out of 10 you notice an immediate diiference.
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Oh! I'm bumping this and hope that Kellye sees this. Not sure if she is the one that posted it but I know she's been having trouble sleeping lately...
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If you can give me the title and so on , I would be able to download it from kazaa myself and make me a cd . Thanks Kev
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I would love to have the cd. PM me and I will give you my email.

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I would love to get the CD, but I cannot hear, so thats a no go

I bought some moon drops yesterday, and I had a good nights sleep last night!
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Kellye, I was thinking of the exercise he suggests here. While you are laying in bed, maybe it would help you relax.

Hmm..the CD would definately be a problem for you though! I keep forgetting that part too
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