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help ! louie is so annoying

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hello everyone, we have a bit of a problem at our house:

booie, our first cat is perfect, but a year ago or so we thought he needed a friend, so we picked up louie.

everything is fine between them, but louie is very "needy" and he always copies what booie is doing, follows him around etc.

why does louie need so much attention? he's always jumping into your lap uninvited (repeatedly as well - even if you put him down) and cries sometimes when you go out the door.

anyone have any ideas ?
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Has he always been this way, or is this a change in behaviour? If the latter, you probably need to examine what else has changed in his life for possible answers.

If this is not a change, you may have to acknowledge that some cats, like some humans, are needier than others. We had a Siamese who was always at us for attention:
- pick me up, put me down, pick me up...;
- jump onto lap, stand contemplating life the universe and everything, while digging pointy paws into the tenderest parts of the human anatomy , eventually settle;
- yowls from the far end of the house if he was feeling neglected;
- etc. etc.

He was quite good at engineering it so that he'd have his back end in one person's arms, and his front end in another's -- two humans for the price of one!

And it got worse, when his brother and sister predeceased him and he was the only cat for a few months. But that was Nibs! It was just who he was, and sometimes we had to be firm with him, but mostly it was very touching.

I hope what you're dealing with is just that, and not a sign of some other problem.
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