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Kitty fostercare and the crappy Icelandic rescue centers

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I was wondering about kitty fostercare. Just beeing curious about how it works.

In Iceland we have 1 crappy rescue shelter, it is here in ReykjavÃ:censor:k. It has 3 or 4 rooms with cages, one room for kittens (and mothers with kittens) one for females one for males, one for unneutered males. Something like that, the females and neutered male might be in the same room.

The cages are on top of each other, 3 up I think, and of course side by side as well. I think the cats get to go out everyday - not outside, but out from the cage!

The cat "hotel" (the one and only) is in one room, I did not see any difference from the "hotel" and other rooms.

The woman that runs this is a strange woman. Sometimes she is very grumpy, which is not helping the cats to get new homes.
When I was looking for Pollýanna I went there. At first she let me wait for half an hour before she talked to me (she was not busy, she was double checking the names of members in the catfanciers association, outlout.) Then I got a third degree of questions, where I lived, if the cat could get out on its own (a cat HAS TO get out (!) ), if I realized the what is ment to have a cat (I told her I had had cats twice before) the responsibiloity (I was 27!), if I realized that this was a commitment etc...

After the guestions she said: well there is nothing here for you! I asked to look and she said no! There is nothing here for me, and so I could do nothing but leave! Well she was so wrong, I consider myself to be a good kittymom!

I have heard more people tell grumpy stories of that woman!

I ones saw an obviously lost kitty here close to my house, and phoned this woman to let her know. She took my name and discription of the cat, and said that there was no cat lost that fit this description. A month later a woman phoned me. She had lost her cat (he escaped when she was preparing his bath), sometime prior to the time when I saw the cat, and immediately reported it to tha shelter. With my description of the cat and its behavior she was sertain this was her cat, but the shelter let her know a month to late. Propably because she lived in another neighbourhood - but cats can travel!

So years ago two friends and I have made a future plan, to take over this shelter... So when I grow up, I want to be (even more) crazy catwoman.

So I was wondering, how are the reascue centers where you are, and how does this "foster care"- thing work? Do different people have cats for a limited time? Is that not bad for the kitty?
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I'm certainly no expert, and I know there are people here who are fosters and hopefully they can answer your questions better than I.

The premise of Fostering is to put the cat into a home environment until they get adopted. This is especially helpful for those kitties who have trust or socialization issues, or for mothers with kittens. The one on one attention in a home is something that generally isn't feasible in a shelter, and this also reduces stress on the cats. It is also healthier (generally) because they won't be exposed to all the viruses that can plague a shelter. This is especially important with mothers with newborn kittens since the common viruses can kill newborns.
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