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A new place to sleep (pics!)

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Simba has discovered yet another place to perch, lounge and sleep.

We are redoing our fireplace mantle and tile, so for now the mantle is empty (well, except for Simba that is!).

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Simba looks very content up there. Great mantle decoration
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Simba probably thinks you made it for him What a cutie!!
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I think you need one for the other side of the mantle, now!

He looks so adorable up there!
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Well, we do have another cat, Kitty, but he is not as adventurous as Simba, who is still a kitten!
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What great pictures! She is so beautiful!
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Better than a Buddha, with a clock in his belly!
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loved the photos although I am a little concerned as to your choice of TV for the cat - that on the second photo looks very much like Rugrats - surely a programme on mice would be more suitable!!! lol

She is stunning though

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Aww Simba!!! So cute.

I love that Sun mirror too!
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Pretty kitty!! The picture of lounging.

Sicy, I was just thinking the same thing about the mirror!
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Looks like you've found the perfect mantel decoration to me. Simba even matches your decor!
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Thanks for all the compliments, and ps. Simba is a he, not a she!
(like Simba in the Lion King)
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Lovely pics of a lovely kitty -- who probably figures it was about time the humans got the clutter off the mantel, so that he could stretch out properly.
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