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My new Toad Kitty!!!

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Only in Florida are the frogs big enough to eat cat food out of cat bowls!!! LOL!!!

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OH my goodness!!! That's too much! What are you going to name it?
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Coco Maui-what part of Florida are you in? I vacationed in Florida this past May/June and I fell in love with it. I was in the Tampa/ St. Petersburg/Clearwater area. It took a little while to adjust to the humidity, but after a few days I was comfortable.
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Holy Cow that's one big toad I think you should name it Herbie, it just looks like a Herbie to me
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OMG, I am laughing so hard right now!
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LOL! That is a BIG toad!

He's certainly not a "Fluffy." Maybe "Spot"?
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AAAHHHH! Yup, looks more like a "Spot".
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Whoh, Never seen one of them before!

It's soo cute!
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Holy Smokes, Ginger! That is one HUGE toad!!!! Hope he didnt scare your cats away!!!

We do have some biguns here in Florida for sure!
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While we're all suggesting names here, how about calling him Booger?
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EEK! That is a huge toad! They just make my skin crawl for some reason. When they're tiny babies, they're kinda cute...but the bigger they get the more I can't handle them.
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I hope he doesn't eat the cats as well as the cat food
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LOL Everybody!!!

I think I will name him Herbie

I wonder if he ate Peaches (my missing cat, who is supposed to be eating that food)

I live in coral Springs, near Ft. Lauderdale to the north/west.
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man...that's a huge toad.....
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Herbie doesn't play! He gets in the bowl to eat!!!


In this pic you might be able to see the cat food crumbs all over his face...

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Ginger, he's huge!!!! Do your kitties try to chase him away, or are they afraid of him?
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Don't think that you can make him purr!
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Shell, thank goodness all the toads and frogs we have here in the midwest are small!
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Not sure if the cats are afraid of him, most of my cats are indoors, they like to watch him from the window . Peaches, the outdoor kitty, is missing again this morning, maybe toad kitty chased her off, or ate her!
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OMG! Those last two pictures are so cute!
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GIFs for Ginger![IMG]C:\\My Pictures0039\\Cat and frog baby.gif[/IMG]
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They will either love it or hate it![IMG]C:\\My Pictures0039\\Cat and frog in lap.gif[/IMG]
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