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neutering Gizmo

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Oh, Gizmo is getting neutured (sp) two weeks from Friday. It is time for him to get fixed, after I saw him jump on Tigger, and try and "do" her! Do males heal quicker than the females? Sandy, I remember you saying one of your males was up and running around a few hours his surgery.... I did ask the receptionist and she said I will have to look out for licking.
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Yes, Males recover very quickly. Aftet the anestesia wears off, they are pretty normal again. I don't know why she said to watch for licking. They WILL lick the area. It's the same with females, they lick their stitches to clean the area.
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Don't worry!! Cats are so tough. I got my male cat neutered at 3 1/2 to 4 mos. old (as soon as the vet let me.) I was worried about him spraying. Then I heard that if you get them neutered early they will have hardly any sexual urges. Romeo has never had any to my knowledge. The only thing he does is mounts my female but is only playing- it's an agression thing that makes me mad. How old is Gizmo?
Anyway, I wouldn't worry. He will be fine. They should give him pain pills that will keep him as good as new!:bat
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