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stopping for people in need..

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So that other post reminds me of this. In fact when me and bf were driving home late last night after a long day when I saw a car wrecked on the side of the road I remembered that post and made him stop. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

OK this woman apparently was too drunk to stand up, yet she tried to drive to god knows where (probably to get drugs or something as she had this huge wad of cash she kept trying to give us).. I guess she made a wrong turn and went to turn around and backed up over this mini cliff type thing in like a cornfield.. So bf tried to push her car out and he falls over the hill then has to climb back up. 3 other cars stopped but they are all drunk and say they can't help because when the cops come they might get in trouble. One was a firefighter!

So anyhoo, this tow truck comes trying to find another wrecked car and says he'll come back, so me and bf decide to go home. Oh hell no. This lady starts freaking out about not wanting to be left alone and stuff. So we stay with her. Mind you she is so bombed she keeps repeating the same stuff and she's yelling and screaming.. Plus she is around 50 yrs old wearing this loose hippy booby shirt without a bra and you could see EVERYTHING.

So we say what the hell and wait with her. Then she decides she needs a ride because she's scared if the cops come they'll give her a DUI. So we're like "um what about your car?" And she doesn't seem to care, and we're just eager for bed so we take her to her exbf's house who apparently has a tow thing. I swear his car STILL smells like alcohol today..

We get there and it's like ghettoville, we drop her off and she stumbles (ok falls and rolls) up the hill.. He's not home. She's like "Well I can just wait here..." And we're like "OK Later!" and she's like "waaaaiiiiiit I need to get some stuff out of my car".. OK so we agree to take her back to her car, then she wants us to take her back to her bf's house.. Which sucks. But whatever, she was completely incoherent so we couldn't talk reason into her.

Luckily on our way back we spot a fire truck and 3 fire vehicles surrounding her car. Apparently the drunk fireman called 911 and reported a vehicle fire when he got home.. lol.. There wasn't a fire.. Anyhow, we left her with the fireman (with her freaking out and cussing because the cops were on the way)..

OMG helping people SUCKS.
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I cannot say that helping people sucks, but there can be some drawbacks when you do try to lend a helping hand, such as your experience, Anna.

Just yesterday, my hubby and I got stuck three car lengths back from a green light because the first guy in line wasn't moving. My husband pulled around and into the next lane, only to have the light turn red; we stopped, and I looked back. The guy in the non-moving car wasn't moving himself. His car seemed to be in park, and his head was drooped onto his chest. He wore sunglasses, so I couldn't see his eyes. "He's not moving," I repeated.

We were at a very busy intersection and had nowhere to go at the time, but my husband immediately dialed 911 and told the dispatcher the guy's exact location. When we returned past that intersection 45 minutes later, the car was gone. I still wonder what happened. (The dispatcher took my husband's cell phone number but never did call us.) Regardless, I like to think that our quick action helped him (although I realize the man may have been dead--scary thought).
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Personally, I think you'll be blessed for helping her. You never know, someday you may be in a similar situation, and need help as well. I don't mean drunk or anything, but something might happen, you never know what can happen. She just sounds like the ungrateful type, and there are plenty of those type of people in this world.

I know plenty of people who might have stopped to see what was going on, and when they saw her wad of cash, they would have helped themselves to it, and then just left her there. So, I think you'll be doubly blessed.

Personally, if I would have been in your shoes, I would have taken her to the EX's and I wouldn't have taken her anywhere else. He could have taken her back to her car, when he got home. You said he had a tow truck - so he could have helped her the rest of the way.
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Wow even though you had a drunk on your hands, you did a good thing helping her. I really don't know if I would have had the patients to deal with her being drunk

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It's not like I mind helping people, I have stopped for motorists in need from time to time, and helped people in other ways. Afterwards I always felt good about what happened.. But after last night I started thinking maybe it only counts if your good deed makes your miserable.

The funniest part was, she kept babbling all these ridiculous things about her exbf that I did NOT care to hear.. Then when we stopped because of the firemen, bf tried to help her out and she was like fighting him to stay in the car because she was scared of going to jail.. The whole time we thought she was going to ice pick us or something. It was so messed up! And this after the whole family came over last night--like that's not stressful enough.

I guess it was kind of amusing tho, in one of those "I can't believe this actually happened" sort of ways..
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wow, that's harsh. I don't know if I totally agree with that kind of jail sentence, but I'll bet you don't have many dui's eh?

Ya I don't know what that woman was freaking out about, the worst she would have recieved was a slap opn the wrist. Oh well, I guess it's the fact that she would be found out.

I definitely think our laws should be harsher for law breakers.
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I agree. I think the laws should be more strict. I'll bet it wasn't the first time that woman could barely stand up but was driving anyway.
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YIKES! Makes you think twice about who you stop to help!
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They say no good deed goes unpunished!
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