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Kev, please keep us posted on Vicki...and yourself too! Please get that thumb looked at...it can be a very SERIOUS thing! Take Sue's advice please...get a tetanus shot if you haven't had one in a while.

We definitely don't need both of you seriously ill!
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Any news on Vicki? And did you get yourself to the doctor yet? If not, please do so!
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I am so sorry about Vicki. What a horrible week you are having.
From my own experience with George (the cat that I lost on 7/19), I can sympathize with you . . . your level of anxiety, saddness, and that sick feeling in the pit of your stomach.

My prayers are with you and Vicki. May she pull through with flying colors so you can enjoy her company for more years to come!

And as everyone here has already nagged you about. . . . get that thumb taken care of pronto!

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I sure hope your kitty will be ok, I will be keeping her in my thoughts. I agree about getting your thumb seen about, my neighbor just got out of the hospital from his cat biting him on the knuckle while he was playing with him. He had to stay in for 3 days on IV antibiotics and just came home today.
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I can only add, I am sending good thoughts and prayers your way.

Please take care of your self.

Waiting for a update.
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hey kev,

vicki is gonna be ok..and tell yourself that.. u need to get that thumb of yours looked after and get some proper rest. vicki will be fine and will claim that spot again. i'll be praying for her and always believe in the powers of prayers.
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[IMG]C:\\My Pictures0039\\Angel flying.gif[/IMG]
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Any news Kev? I think the UK is two hours earlier than here so it should be early morning for you. I hope Vicki is doing better and that your thumb is treated asap!
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I am now closing this thread so all future replies can go to the "Update on Vicki" thread - may she rest in peace

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