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Spare a thought  

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This morning my wife woke me as Vicki - my three legged cat was 1000 per cent the opposite to any way she has ever been. She was spitting at everything, growling and when I went to her as she has always come to me, she bit my thumb that hard in a few places that she caught the bone.
Anyway, we have just come back from the vet as e managed to get her into an emergency and the vet has sedated her for the next hour. The vet has confirmed that she is critically ill (this happened overnight) and her weight is nothing like it has been - she eats for Britain though and also her temperature is incredibly low.
His feelings are that it may be a catasphrophic failiure of her kidneys. She has been very vicious this morning, nothing like that adoreable cat I love and have for nearly three years.
She has been given a sedative for an hour whilst blood is taken, however, if the bloodwork comes back and states that the problem is not / can not e sorted, then I have signed the forms for euthanasia for her and at the same time, I have said my goodbyes.
Its now just turned 11.05 gmt, I will know by noon if I stil have the balck and white love of my life or it has ben better to let her slip away whilst she is asleep with the sedative.
This is going to be one incredibly long hour for me and i wonder where the hell we went wrong ? Did we miss something in the last day or so. The vet has confirmed that this can just happen - please keep her in your thoughts for me and the next hour. I knw one way or the other the news is not going to be good for us and have a feeling at the end of the day, I may be down to one cat.
God bless her if its the worst - as least the sedative will mean she will not know about it.
Feeling as though a truck just hit me.
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My thoughts and prayers are with you
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My thoughts and prayers are with you. I'm so sorry you, your family and Vicki are going through this.
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The vet just called- blood work is slightly better than expected and kidneys are better than originally thought - she is ko'd at the moment and has not managed to tear the drip out - the vet is going to keep her in and under sedation for the next 24 hours.
I am just praying - thats all I can do.
Tomorrow will tell

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Prayers and good vibes coming Vicki's way! What a hard time for you and your family...

How old is Vicki?
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Oh Kev, my prayers and thoughts going your way that Vicki gets better real soon!

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Hope that Vicki will manage to pull though this for you.

Also, on a side note, did YOU see the doctor about that bite? Down to the bone is pretty serious.
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I'm sending all my love and positive vibes for her. I read your story about you came to get her, and I know how much she means to you. I pray that she will be OK, and that what ever sickness she has will leave her quickly.
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Originally posted by Deb25

Hope that Vicki will manage to pull though this for you.

Also, on a side note, did YOU see the doctor about that bite? Down to the bone is pretty serious.
Vicki managed to fracture the bone in my thumb - also buggered up some of the nerves and its a swollen mess. Its sat in one of these straight things for the next few weeks and in pain with it. Hurts like hell!!! She bit its a few times as I had to get hold of her. She has also scratched and opened up a line down my chest and stomach. I have bled more in the last few hours than have in years!

Just keep her in your thoughts - like all cats I love this one who has been abused so bad and has had a great few years with us. As a guess to her age - would estimate 10.

waiting by the phone and wondering what the bill is gonna be for this lot. Hoping everything goes well and we can have her home soon.
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Oh no . my heart is going out to you and your fam. My prayers will be with Vicki .
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Sending major healing vibes to both Vicki and you! May the two of you soon be home together enjoying each other's company!
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Kev, My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family while you wait and even after. I hope that Vicki will be able to be treated.

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Keeping you and Vicki in my thoughts and prayers!
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Kev, Vicki is in my thoughts. She's in the best possible hands now. You and your family are in my thoughts as well. What a difficult time for you! (((HUGS)))
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we spoke to the vet a few minutes ago and she has been left to her own company for a few hours. I feel that is not a good idea as she has always us around ready to fuss and give her attention. We did have a thought a while ago that she had been eating a lot of dry food recently and mentioned this to the vet.. he said it would contribute to the way she is but not be the overall problem. Whats mysterious is how she was good the last few days, when I am on the phone she comes along and bitches until gets fussed.
We have explained to the vet that my thumb is damaged and he said he was not surprised as she has very sharp teeth for an old - ish girl. It seems the three legged love of my life may be indeed older than originally thought.
Would the fact that its been hot, she may not have been drinking as much or eating = a collapse of internal organs??
Brandy - my tabby is wandering round the house like a cat that lost its mate - just keep laying loads of attention on him and will see if he wants to sleep on the bed tonight. Brandy however, is an outdoor cat and Vicki is definately an indoor bed cat.
We have been told to keep the phone with us next to the bed tonight - in case he needs us.
I could use a drink.
I just hope that after the years of abuse she got and the few that I have had her and the adoration I have for her, she has enough fight in her to make it back.
Have just worked out to my Tae Bo dvd and am shattered -am gonna shower and possibly have a very early night.
Thansk for being there - I know I laugh and joke a lot, but this is one thing my heart hurts and I am powerless to do anything about.

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Oh Kev, I hope that the best thing for her is to stick around (for your sake). I know how badly you hurt inside and it's not fun. I also know how Brandy is reacting and it's really hard not being able to explain to him, isn't it?

Sending lots of warm fuzzies and the strength to make to all of you.
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Kev I hope that everything works out well. I'll be sending positive thoughts your way.
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Kev, I hope she comes back to you just as healthy as before. So this happened for no reason eh? Just out of the blue? - scary. My Tigger sounds about the same age as your kitty, I guess I better get some insurance.
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My heart goes out to you and Vicki, she's in my thoughts. We'll be here anxiously waiting for an update.
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Kev, I'm late in on this thread, but better late than never.
How old is your kitty, approx ??? And is she spayed ???

The reason I ask is my friend has a Black and white shorthaired girl
who was kicked around by kids as a kitten, until she was rescued by my friend and now lives with my friend's sister. The cat is now around 7 or 8 yrs, I think, and a few months ago, after a little rapid weight gain, launched into an all out attack for no reason. She was hissing, biting, scratching, and growling...like she'd seen the devil himself. Then she lay down exhausted, after a few hours of this behaviour. Another big fight later...Nora was ready to kill by all accounts, they managed to get her into the carrier, and to the vets.

Blood was taken, sedation given, and she was kept in for a week.
She was tested, amongst organ failure, for the following :
Poisoning...the sort you find in mouse, slug and snail pellets over here in the UK
Vitamin deficiency
Parasites in her blood, and gut
Low white blood cell count ( anemia )
Thyroid probs
Hormonal levels

She had a vitamin deficiency, her temperature was low, and her female hormone levels were wrong, to what they should have been for a spayed cat. She is now on tablets ( can't remember which ones - will be able to find out next week when my freind is back ), and she has returned to being a nervous, but loving cat - her old self.

I'm not saying that this is the key, inspite of being a cat slave all my life, I know ridiculously little, but if your vet can't find anything wrong, and she hasn't been tested for the above, maybe its worth asking the vet about it ??? Maybe someone else on the board will be able to advise you further on the above list.

Well, I hope it all works out. Do keep us updated. These last few weeks sure seem like they've been rough for you. Its so hard when your little ones are sick, you just feel so helpless. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Peace, Love, and Happiness, Always

Oh and for yourself, to get rid of the bruising caused by your cat bite...get down to your local Boots, buy some Arnica. It'll be in the homeopathic section, ( posibly in green tube things )and follow the dosing instructions. That stuff is a wonder ! Just be careful your cats and kids don't get at it !
Also, Please make sure your cat bite is properly cleaned. Cat bites are big risk things, for infections. You really need to pay attention to it. Any sign of infection or additional pain and swelling, go back to the GP and insist on Antibiotics for yourself...I know what I'm talking about...been there, done that, got the scars ! Take good care of yourself, Kev !!!
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Sonia - I will answer your questions in the morning or afternoon dependant upon how tomorrow goes - I am sureyou can under stand.

I removed that straight thing tonight on my thumb and was horrified to see the amount of swelling and its weeping a lot. My thumb is massive so I guess I may have to make a further visit tomorrow and catch up with the nurse and see if can get a shot, although it may due to the damage done and the way she has caught the bone.

We do now believe that Vicki could be as old as 12, we found this evening that she was 8 when we got her and have had her nearly 4 years.

All I can do is wait, see and hope.

24 hours from now 21.23 Gmt will possibly give me a better idea.

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The lonliest chair in my house is where Vicki should be sat - right now or on my knee purring and giving me those love nips she gives and I adore getting her to that stage.
I have not sat there tonight whilst watching tv, its her spot and I just hope to have her back in it, wanting the love again and the sound of that thunder purr.
Its a lonely night here in Yorkshire without the pair of them.
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Sending healing vibes to both of you. You need each other and should not be appart.
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Nothing new to add, Kev, except mega positive vibes on their way to you and Vicki from BC. Hope this all turns out well. I'll be watching for your updates.
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I've just read about this, I am so sorry...and sending healing thoughts your way, for both of you. I hope (assume) you are also on oral antibiotics already for your bites, please do not waste any time in going back for a re-check if it doesn't look good. The last thing you need atop the fracture and ?nerve damage is an infection landing you in the hospital!
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Kev, has the vet mentioned the possibility of FLUTD??? Many years ago, we lost a young cat because of FLUTD. I was very inexperienced with cats at that time, and I didn't realize my cat was ill until it was too late. My poor cat was in a lot of pain due to a completely obstructed bladder. The cat's behavior changed drasticly(sp?) and was very similiar to what you said Vicki's behavior was like this morning. When I had to handle the cat to get her to the vet, I put on a heavy coat and gloves and had a friend come over to help because I was really afraid of being severly scratched and bitten. I hope I haven't upset you, but I just wanted to mention this because the sudden change in behavior is so similiar.
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Oh Kev, I hate to 'kick you when you are down' but you NEED to see a doctor as soon as you can. As your thumb is weeping, it is usually a
sign of infection. This is not good. Please get yourself seen as soon as possible. If your doctor won't give you antibiotics, I'd seriously get yourself to the local hospital, for a second opinion. Cats mouths have much more bacteria in their mouths than a dog does. Cat bites are a lot more serious. I talk from sorry experience, here, Kev.

I wish you well.

Peace, Love, and Happiness, Always
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Oh Kev!

Sending major vibes to both of you!

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I'm so sorry about all this Kev! ((((HUGS)))) I'm sending best wishes to you and Vicki.

P.S. -- I know it's been said already, but please take care of your thumb. You need to make sure you are healthy so you can be there to take care of Vicki when she comes home.
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Kev, I have to add, after reading your desciption of the current state of your thumb,you MUST see a doctor ASAP. It does indeed sound as if you have an infection brewing inside there.

Are you current on yout tetanus shot? If not, you need to get a booster shot. Also, there are only a few antibiotics that work well for cat bites, I had a terrible bite from a cat a few years ago and they tried 3 before they found one that worked, in the meantime I was developing red lines stretching down my hand into my arm, a sign of blood poisoning.

BTW, I am a registered nurse. Feel free PM me to ask away any medical questions about your thumb....
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