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New Member, With New Kittens

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Hi all, I just want to introduce myself, along with my two babies. First is Idunn, my little girl. She is a silver classic with white, and she is sick right now with an eye infection. I have her locked in the bathroom so I can give her her ointment without having to fish her out from under the bed. She lays around in the sink and tub when they are wet, so she gets all wet and ratty and looks a lot worse than she is. But when I kick her out of the bathroom her brother is all over her trying to play and she hides when she has enough. She is a friendly little lovebug who likes to be held and is very insistent about being scritched just right (she will direct your hand about with her paws). Here is a photo from before her eye infection got bad:
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Isn't it impossible to keep a clean desk or dresser when you have two kitties eager to help out? Here is another one of Idunn:
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Welcome! You and your kitties will love it here!
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And now on to the supreme ham, Kjartan, ruler of the house and trainer of humans. He eats like a horse (4.5 months old and already weighs 5lb 6 oz), purrs like a Detroit Diesel, yaks constantly when he wants something, loves to be petted and stroked and played with but barely tolerates being held, thinks that seing silver at the bottom of his food dish (not an empty dish, mind you, just being able to see the bottom) is a national emergency, and thinks his big (little? she is only 3.5 lbs, but is two weeks older) half sister is his personal plaything. He is a brown classic with white (and a cute little blaze on his nose that makes his nose leather look sooo cute). He likes laying around in any pairs of pants I have out:
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Is a total ham for the camera:
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A master snoozer:
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And a genuine, certifiable, all around, four legged, roving disaster area:
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Hi and Welcome. Kjartan, sounds like a real character. I love those fun pix you have of him!
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Welcome! Great pics, they're so pretty.
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awww they are sooo cute!! Your babies are around the same age as mine. My nimby is extra large also he is almost as big as the adults and only around 4 monthes old. Welcome to the site!!
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Welcome to the site! What beautiful kitties you have! I hope Idunn recovers quickly from her eye infection. Their names are very unique - what are they named for, if you don't mind me asking?

Enjoy your time here!
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Hi and welcome to The Cat Site! I loved those pictures, your cats are very cute.
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Hello- What gorgeous Cats! You'll love it here!
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Welcome to this wonderful cate site . Your kittens are very pretty . Great pictures you made .
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Welcome! Cute kitties!
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Welcome! What lovely babies -- both, but especially your little ham -- he is SOME cute!
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LOL ! I love your kitties!
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Welcome to you and your gorgeous kittens!
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Welcome, and thanks for posting the pictures.
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