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I'm SO in love

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with my kitty Trent!!!

Do you guys have those moments or days where you just feel so much love for the little furry purrball in your life that you feel like you will burst? That's how I'm feeling about Trent today.

I was sick last night. Something I ate for lunch didn't agree with me to say the least. Trent stayed with me all night long. At one point he came up to me on the wrong side of the bed (he always comes in the middle of the bed for snuggles, but I was facing out last night), and snuggled up to my stomach. I petted him, but closed my eyes and felt him get up. I opened my eyes and found he was standing there looking at me, and when he saw I was awake he so gently put his paw on my arm, gave me kitty kisses and snuggled up to my chest. Then this morning, he wanted to jump up to the top of our bookcase headboard. Usually he launches off of me, but this morning he wouldn't do it. I even told him it was OK, but he jumped from right next to me instead. It was like he didn't want to hurt me this morning since I was sick last night.

He's just such a sweetie! Any good sweeter than imaginable stories from you guys?
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Awww how sweet That is a sweet guy you have there. When I had a very severe ear infection about a year and a half ago Sammycat and my MinPin Ceasar both would stay right by my side and give me kisses one on each side of me. I didn't have Oscar at the time.
I can see them all competeing to get the primo spot to love Momma when she is feeling lousy if I get sick again
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Aww...Heidi that is so sweet of him!

The only story that comes to mind at the moment was when my now deceased kitty Mimi was alive. I can't remember what the deal was, but I was really upset one night. I was bauling like crazy and could have sworn my life was over (nothing like being a bit dramatic, eh?). She jumped up next to me on my bed and kept headbutting me until I looked up at her (my head was buried in my pillow...bauling like a baby). I finally looked up at her and she had such a concerned look on her face. She rubbed against my face with her face almost like she was wiping my tears away. I just remember thinking "I know that no matter what she'll always love me". Ever since that day, when ever I would cry she would be right there trying to console me. I never really thought cats could feel our emotions, but she made me a believer that day. Bless her heart!
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I had a really bad time getting my wisdom teeth pulled (they had to drill thru the jaw to get my tooth out). My Hippocrates (grey/white cat by which all cats are to be judged) very gently climbed on the sofa with me and kissed my cheek. He knew I was feeling rotten and just wanted to let me know he was there if I needed anything.

Aren't cats amazing that way? They do know when we are sick and are so caring about us!

Heres to Trent, Sammycat and MinPin!!

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Yes! I have those moments too! When my husband moved out I cried my eyes out for hours. I ended up crying myself to sleep. Peaches never slept with me for more then a few minutes but this night she stayed on my chest all night long. She'd lick my face once in awhile too. She was so sweet. I love her so much sometimes I can't stand it!
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These are great stories! Cats are so awesome!
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Yeah! What Debby said! No neat stories to add, but just feel all that love often just looking at the little furballs, especially when they're in a little ball sleeping....and curl their paws over their faces.
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That is so sweet! And yes... I think a pet knows when you are feeling sick or feeling blue. They are amazing! (((hugs)))

Hope you are feeling better today Heidi!
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Fred always watches over me when I am sick. He knows if I am in bed, and it isn't sleeping time, I must be sick, and will sit on my pillow and guard me. He stayed awake 18 hours once when I had a kidney stone. When I woke up, he was leaning against the wall looking exhausted. I lifted the covers up, and he dove under for a snuggle.
The last time I was sick, Pearl took up the spot on my pillow, and wrapped her little paws in my hair, rubbing my head. She wouldn't let Georgia up on the bed, but Fred was ok.
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awwwww that is sooo sweet!!!

When I get a bad tummy ache I normally lay on my stomach and sometimes neo will curl up on my back and purr. It always makes my stomach feel better.
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Midnight always seems to know when I'm upset. He comes up to me and lays a paw on me, and looks right into my eyes. I don't doubt for a minute that he somehow understands.
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That is so sweet!

When I had foot surgery a couple of years ago to repair some broken bones, Spawn refused to leave my side except to eat. She tried her best to 'help' my foot by licking my big toe... the only bit of skin that was left exposed outside of the bandages. She was so gentle.... SO unlike what Spawn is normally like!!! She was my self appointed nurse!
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When I got out of the hospital after my car accident last year Toes woke me up in the middle of the night and gave me Bob the Bear, my teddybear that I've had since 4th grade that normally sits in the livingroom in a rocking chair. Then he snuggled in next to me.
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That is so cute, your post touched me!!

I have yet to see if Zoey will comfort me in a time of need. Once I was crying pretty hard and she kind of kept her distance and looked at me funny. I think because maybe she had never heard someone crying before.
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Toes also took care of me when I was going through the worst time in my life. I'm alive today because of him. He would check on me every 10 minutes and spent most of his time cuddled up over me.

I still cuddle with him when ever I'm blue or anxious.

Toes also took care of the older cat I had just before she died. He cleaned her up and brought her food all the time.

Tailer is getting there, but I could tell she was always uncomfortable whenever I was upset (kind of like Zoey, Sicy).
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Hmmm . . . I haven't had Luna very long, but here's one:

Alex is really into computer games, but he and I have a "rule" that he quits when I get home from work, even if it's just for a little while, so he can say hi to me and we can make plans for the evening, etc. Well, SOMETIMES, he doesn't get off the computer for awhile! And I'll get sad or upset, and when that happens, Luna always comes and rubs up against me and meows and gives me kisses! It's like she's saying, "It's OK, you're still loved!"
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What neat stories everyone!

My dog Jazz always knows when I'm upset or sore and she will come and give me a big sloppy kiss!LOL! Loonie my fave girl does as well!

I love my animals! So So So So So Much!
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Ivo isn't much of a snuggler, but she definately knows when I'm really down. Last February, near the anniversary of my Mom's passing (always a really hard time for me) I had my yearly review with my boss. At that time, he wasn't happy with my performance and only renewed my contract for 6 months (my position is a yearly one, so I have yearly reviews). I was really upset, cried at work with my friend, cried on the phone with my Dad and crawled into bed crying. Ivo jumped into bed, purring, and curled up against my chest. She let me put my arm around her and hold her while I cried. Ultimately, she laid there until after I fell asleep. The next morning she jumped in bed and cuddled again, until I told her I was OK and ready to get on with the day. She hasn't cuddled with me quite that closely since then, so I know that what she did was very special.

Heidi, I hope you're feeling better!
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boy boy has this miraculous thing abt him...the time when i broke up with my bf and i was crying my eyes out alone in the room, he came into the room and just sat right next to me. just to be there for me. then when i went to bed, he climbed next to me and just slept there with me till the next morning...
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I love all your stories.

A few weeks before I lost George last month, I spent a night hugging the toilet. . . . he stayed with me all night long. . . laying on the bath mat beside me. . . and following me back to bed each time. He was such a big sweetie. I miss him.
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