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My Website!

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Hello - I have just updated my website.

Check it out and please sign my guestbook( I just added that in today )

Cheers, Sam
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Done! Yay...I was the first to sign it! Great site Sam! You've done an excellent job!
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Signed your guest book Sam The webiste looks great love the kitties all are beautiful
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Thank you Shell!, I stil have heaps to add to it, but I'll get there!
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Thanks Cathi!
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I signed your book also. If you want any help with backgounds or any graphics, let me know. I'll be happy to work a little magic for you.
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Thanks Hope- Just how magical are ya?
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That is an awesome website! I just signed the guestbook too! Great job with it, it looks wonderful!!!! I just love all your cat pictures!!!
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Thank you Debby!
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What beautiful cats!!
So an Exotic is a short haired Persian right?

Do they have the same laid back temperament?
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Geez, how'd I miss this? Good work, Sam!
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I was playing around with some of my programs, and made a couple of graphic's for you , if you want me to email them to you. You can put them on your site if you like them.

Also, are you building the page, or are you using one of those site builders? If you're building the page, I made a cute background that is in the same coloring of your site, if you'd like that. If you're using a site builder from geocities, I don't know if they allow for using your own backgrounds.
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Hello Hope-

You are such a sweetie and I would LOVE to use them, My email is

BTW I'm building the page and would be most happy to use the background you made!

Thanks very much!

Yes Nighteyes an Exotic is a SH persian.

They are more outgoing then persians.

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I'm going to send them to you now. Remember, a background is just a tiny little file 100 x 100, but when you use it, it will tile, and file the whole page. I don't know how you're building the page, but I use a program call Dreamweaver to build my webpage. It's excellent, and it does a lot of the html writing for you. Anyway, here goes, I'll send them. Let me know if you like them.

The other file is kind of a logo to the page type of thing. I hope you like them.
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Thanks Hope, I'll reply to the email when I receive!
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It's been sent. Like I said, the background image is the little file. I've already checked it out, and it tiles nicely.
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Thanks Hope- I have emailed you about it!

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I have updated it again and it looks even better!

I need LINK banners, please email me with your banner!
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