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Introduced Both Cats...

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My one-year-old was just introduced to his baby half-sister. He showed no aggression (flat ears, fluffed fur, growling or hissing); but he did chase/ pounce on her a lot. Once he pounced, he held her down/ bit on her. It looked like rough play for him, but she began hissing/ growling at him, as well as swatting/ kicking at him.

My hubby and I couldn't help but interfere a few times; I'm not sure if that was a mistake, but our boy is 11lbs. and the baby is 3.5lbs. Watching him push his weight onto her made *me* hurt for her.

Am I misreading things? Could our male be just playing rough? Of course, they will remain separated when no one's around to supervise them until we see them showing bona-fide signs of acceptance.

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That's a tough call without seeing them directly. Kittens will quite often hiss at adult cats, as it is instinctual with them (or their mom teaches them to do it). If your older one gets too aggressive, I would reprimand him if he listens or separate them briefly if he doesn't listen to verbal repreimands.

My 16 week old kitten Koko will hiss at the adult cat Bob as she pounces on his head. He sometimes hisses back as he playfully swats her. You can't always use the hiss as a sign of fear. Deep, continuous growling is a better indication (in my opinion). Body language is a better indication yet.

Agree that you should only bring them together under supervision for a while. It sounds like your boy wants to play, and your little one doesn't realize it yet.

Good luck with your introductions!
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We are having a similar problem introducing our 6 month female to our new 8 week female. Like yourself we are not leaving them unsupervised. The older cat sems to be very interesed in the new one but the jumping onto and then biting is worring us (around the neck), she also continually sniffs the behind of the new one.

The small one is growling which we thought was agression.

However they are both tired and curled up together at the moment hopefully it is just time.

But would like some advice on the biting please
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Is it a playful bite or aggressive bite? Kittens naturally bite each other around the neck - it is where a cat will bite to kill their prey. Play to a kitten is a preparation for life, e.g. they are learning how to be "cats".

Sleeping together is a good sign. If they didn't like each other to some degree, they wouldn't be that close.
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Thanks for replying that is the problem we dont have the experience to regognise if it is playfull or not, hopefully it is play. Theres no blood so....
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Our boy is obsessed with sniffing the baby's butt...even put a paw around her back a few times, almost looking like he might try to hunch on her. So far, though, he's not done that. (I'm probably misreading his intentions.)

He also nips at the scruff of her neck; the little one, whenever cornered/ pinned down, hisses and sometimes growls at her situation.

This morning, we separated them because the big guy chased/ caught her and really ticked the little one off (may have even hurt her a bit with his weight). All I made out was them streaking past, the big guy pouncing, the two of them rolling and the little one's high-pitched, angry cries.

After several hours apart, both started playing a bit (the baby "attacking" her brother) under our supervision. It is hard to tell, though, what is really happening. Simon never looks aggressive, but the baby's ears are sometimes flattened. When I see that, accompanied by any hissing/ growling, I break them up for a period of time.
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Jenk, I know exactly what you're talking about. My two cats do the same things. The older one bites the baby's neck and the baby puts up with it for awhile then expresses his disapproval. They seperate and run off in different directions. LOL So far, it has seemed like play. In fact, after the older cat backs off, often the baby will attack YET AGAIN moments later jumping on the back of the older one and biting his ears. They wrestle on the floor biting one anothers paws and then stopping to lick heads!!! Who knows? As long as there are no cuts or blood drops, I'm ok with it.
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