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website updated

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I have updated my website, with page 8. These include pictures of our newest bengal kittens, Minnie (snow marble female) and Winnie (dark marble female), and pictrues of them with the others. Cinnamon's lion cut is on there, and you can see the befores of her on the other pages. The link is: http://www.ourcats.org/page8.html
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Oh your cats are so beautiful. I want a Bangel cat so badly, that it hurts.
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Ohhh I love the bengals
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You're kitties are soo cute!!!!!
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I WANT your scratching post!!!!!!

Where and how many jelly beans?
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I'm in with all of those babies Love the picture of the kitty wearing the Harley hat. Too Cute
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Wow! They are cute and they know it!

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Beautiful. I am so jealous! all your kitties are just georgous!
I'd like to get a Bengal someday. How's the gang doing???
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they are all doing good. Gizmo is "Papa Cat" to Minnie & Winnie. Tigger is still figuring them out, but will occassionally give them a short bath. Fluffy and Cinnamon have seen them, but the kittens know to leave them alone.
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Fantastic! I think that cinnamon is so cute in that lioncut!
I'm glad to see that the gang is getting along so well!
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I think I might keep her hair like that and just get it trimmed once it gets kind of long again. It's funny to see her before and after pictures I think she gets cold now, though... She sleeps under the covers now!
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Awwww! So Cute!
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