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Tidy Cat Plus Crystals Blend?

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I was just wondering if anyone has had any good or bad experiences with this scoopable blend? I have seen it at the grocery store today and was considering changing over to it. I am not real happy about the litter that I am presently using. I would like to switch over to a full crystal litter eventually in the near future but want to do it at a stepped pace.

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I like arm and hammer with crystals much better. I used tidy cat when I had just moe and neo but with the extra kitties it just didn't do the trick. So far I am happy with the arm and hammer crystal blend.
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I really like the crystal blends. They seem to control the odor better.
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I tried it once and had good results with it. Apparently it didn't go over too good with the store I got it at because they stopped carrying it.

I've always used Tidy Cats and I've had great luck with them. Right now I've got an experiment going on. I bought some Tidy Cats Crystals the other day. One box has half regular and half crystals, one has just crystals and one has just regular litter. I'm going to see which one gets the most use, which one smells better and go from there. As of a few minutes ago, the plain crystal one hasn't been used but the others have been. I'm going to wait until tomorrow to scoop and we'll see what happens.
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I haven't used the Tidy Cats Crystal Blend sort, but I have a little experience with Arm&Hammer Crystal Blend.

I don't use it straight though, so this may be no help at all. I use mostly Arm&Hammer unscented scoopable litter. Then I put in a couple scoops of the Arm&Hammer Crystal Blend into the box, and it helps keep the scent of the box nicer for longer than the unscented alone. I don't like using the Crystal Blend full-strength because I think it's too perfumey. But that's just me, and I'm a bit particular.
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I have 2 cats and have had great luck with the full crystatls i don't know the exact name of it but it comes in the bag in the box but my hubby is paranoid of our house smelling like a cat box, so I have air freshners everywhere and empty the poop box out everyday wheather or not it needs it, I'm scared to change now since I've used this one for so long.

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For the crystal blend stuff, is that a mixture of the crystals and the traditional clay clumping stuff? Do you still scoop this stuff? I looked at one box of a crystal type and didnt care for the idea.. it said to just stir the stuff and it would work Can you still scoop the crystal blend kinds?
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You know... the name of the crystal blend litters is so deceiving. It isn't regular clumping litter mixed in with the crystal litter sort that you just mix to absorb the urine and scoop out the poopies. It looks like regular scoopable litter, but has uhm shiny parts in it. And you scoop it like regular, scoopable litter.

Let me see if I can find a picture.

Okay, I'll attach it. I hope you can see it... the picture isn't the greatest.
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Ahhh ok. Thanks Jen. I was pretty confused there So this isnt much different than the regular old scoopable stuff? What are the added benefits of the "shiny stuffs"?
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I have no clue! I use it because it's scented. I mix a bit of the crystal blend in with the rest of the litter that's unscented for its deodorizing effects. I guess I could just use the regular scented scoopable litter though...
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Well I tried the Tidy Cat Scoopable Crystal Blend 4 days ago. I am unhappy with it because the clumps break up while scooping Now I have to decide between "Fresh Step" clay, and Arm and Hammer with Crystals. I can't decide which litter to try next.
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I use the unscented scoopable Arm&Hammer litter with a bit of the crystal blend of the same brand blended in. It clumps hard and doesn't break while I'm scooping. So maybe the crystal blend won't break either. I've used Fresh Step before, but it was dusty, and I can't find it in a non-scented form, so I stopped buying it.
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Ive been using just the regular Tidy Cats scoopable for multiple cats. I found it did crumble a little bit sometimes, but not too bad. Mostly satisfied with it. I bought some of the Arm &Hammer crystal blend and mixed it in with my regular Tidy Cats stuff. I havent noticed any difference really, but since I cant smell I have to wait for a sniffer to come visit my house again But as for the scooping and stuff, seems to be the same. Cats didnt mind the difference at all. Looks pretty, with the little blue bits in there Im hoping it helps cut down on the odor a bit. Im really paranoid that my house stinks and I wouldnt have a clue!
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Just a little more imput on the crystal blend I bought. I have the Arm&Hammer kind and though it doesnt seem to make a difference with the cats, I dont think I will get it again. It doesnt make the clumping stay together any better, which I was hoping for and its also much more dusty!! No idea about scent at this time, need someone to come to my house and check But I dont like the extra dust it has.
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