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Flea's....This means war!

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Just recently me and my hunny have been waking up with flea bites all over. I'm talking about 2-3 bites a day. And i cant stand the itching. lol

What are the best methods for getting rid of fleas?

Should i get something like frontline? Or is a bath good enough?

And whats the best way to get them out of my apartment. Foggers????

And my little guy is an indoor cat only.

Thanks to all who reply

Jerry Hsien
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OMG your kitty is soooooooooooo cute!!!!!

We used advantage on the cats and that seems to get rid of all the fleas in the house. We vacummed really good and we did fogg the bathroom where most of the fleas where (we had a stray ick kitty confined there and she brought the fleas in)
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Make sure to vacuum and then throw the bag away or they will crawl out again. Borax powder will also kill fleas and you can sprinkle it in your lawn. The fleas probably came in on your legs walking through the grass.
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Fleas are a HUGE battle. Don't get frustrated in the beginning because it takes some time to kill all the fleas and break the life cycles.
Advantage is an AWSOME flea product. I think it works the best and the quickest. You should also use an area treatment. You can use a fogger, but I like a product called Knockout Area treatment. You can usually get both online. The knockout kills adult fleas and flea eggs for months.
You also need to vaccuum every day. You are supposed to throw the bag away after every use, but you can cut up a flea collar and keep it in the bag to prevent the fleas from escaping back into the house.
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I agree Advantage is very good.

Your cat is beautiful!! is he a Savannah cat?
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I live in the country and used to have MAJOR battles with them each year. We got wise and now use Advantage, along with boric powder in the carpets. Then we vacuum, vacuum, vacuum, using the crevice brush near all walls and furniture. I hate the foggers - it's putting unnecessary poison in your living areas and exposing you and your pets to things that can kill you.

I found my first flea of the year 2 days ago - must have come in on us. A few years ago at this time of year (August is the worst), we couldn't walk across the carpet without 20-30 jumping on us. We are now virtually flea free.
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Momofmany , where do I buy Boric Powder ? I would like to use it on my carpet .
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thanks everyone. i just bought some advantage for tekken. hopefully this will kill the flea's.

nighteyes he is a bengal. he could have been a show kitty but he has a little kink at the end of his tail.

Jerry Hsien
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What a beautiful cat!

I use Advantage on my persians, but they also have regular baths - at least twice per month. When I see fleas and especially before shows, I give them a Capstar tablet which is instant-kill for fleas. It only has a 24-hour effect though, so is not a long-term soltuion like Advantage.
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Capstar???? never heard of it do you get it from the vet?
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