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Need Help from AZ members!

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I am looking for someone in Arizona, or close, that is willing to take a quiet old Flame Point Himmie in. Liz, the lady from the AZ Persian rescue contacted me and asked me to take him. He just isn't doing well at the rescue and needs somewhere more quiet (Liz has so many cats there). I have seen this cat and he's cute. He is a bit of a loner and likes to watch TV! He was shaved about a month ago but I think he'll be very handsome when his fur grows back. Something about him really endeared him to me!

This cat is neutered and has had all his shots. He has even had a dental. Liz was concerned about his mouth because the shape of his jaw seems different but the vet said he is fine. He is all cleaned up, checked over and set to go.

If any of you in or close to AZ is interested please let me know. I think Liz might be willing to let him go for free or a discounted price. But it would be nice to give her at least a small donation since she did have all the dental work done etc. My heart went out to this kittie when I was there. He just grows on you! But I just can't take anymore right now. Peaches is having a bit of a time adjusting lately and I can't bring anymore stress on her. It wouldn't be fair to any of my babies or Mr. Grumpy!

If someone does want him, I will recommend you to Liz. I know all our members are wonderful people. This poor old guy just needs someone to save him!
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Awwww. I hope that someone can take him in Poor baby is probally scared to death. I wish that I lived closer to AZ.
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To the MODS: I realize this should probably go in SOS but can we please leave it in the lounge for a few days? I really want maximum exposure if possible!
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I'd like to help but, my house is hardly quiet. Rowdy is a holy terror and the dogs would probably scare the bejeezus out of the poor baby.

Unfortunately, I don't even know anyone, with a quiet, peaceful household. Good luck, finding him a home.
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I'd be happy to help, but I can't go to Arizona to get the cat. I don't live that far, but not right next door either. I live in Los Angeles. If the cat could be brought to Los Angeles, I'd be happy to take him.
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Hope, I will tell Liz. How far is LA from Pheonix? Would you be willing to go half way or part of the way?

For all the Arizona members...can you please ask around your friends and neighbors, co workers etc.? He can be with a few other cats. He just likes to be left alone and is not the most sociable kitty. Although he will play a bit once in awhile.
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I'm not sure how far Phoenix is from here. I know it isn't that far to get from LA to Yuma, but I think Phoenix is quite a bit further east.

I don't know if this kitty would like my house, either. I've got one elderly cat, but the other two are pretty rambunctious, and then I've got this silly little Pomeranian who loves to run around making lots of noise.
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