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sick kitty that's drooling and lethargic

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I live with my aunt and uncle and they have four indoor cats. The youngest one, a tuxedo cat named kazoo, is around a year old I would say and he is neutered. We got him from a neighbor when he was around 6 months. He is usually a very active, very playful cat who spends just a pinch of his time being cuddly. For the past 5 days he has had a wet nose and has been a little lethargic, I noticed and brought it up to my aunt and uncle and they brushed it off as a little cold. In the past two days I have also notice him drooling almost nonstop, he has really bad breath and he has also been spending 60% of the day sleeping in my room. He seems to want to eat, we feed all the cats dry food, but when I put food down he sniffs it and then looks back up at me or walks away. He has even tried to get into the cat food bin so I know he is hungry. I noticed he hadn't eaten in two days so I took out a can of wet food and he scarfed it down really quickly and wanted more. I told my aunt and uncle this and they responded about the drooling with "he probably ate a poisoned bug" and to him not eating with "oh no he has been eating" but the problem is we have three other cats and they eat out of his bowl constantly, and then they went on to say kazoo had tricked me into feeding him wet food. I'm concerned that something is wrong and my aunt and uncle just don't see it and when I bring it up they pretty much ignore it. He has never had any other health issues except that he passes really smelly gas several times a day. I would really appreciate feedback. I'm worried something is really wrong with him.I am more than willing to give more information if it would help.
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Since he eats wet food it sounds like a dental problem. He needs to be seen by a vet but it sounds like your aunt and uncle aren't going to cooperate because they don't see that there is a problem. If you can, continue to feed him wet food. Not eating can lead to serious illness involving his liver.
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My concern would be a parasite like giardia or coccidia due to the "smelly gas" you are talking about. It could also be that he is drooling and lethargic due to not getting enough food/water and being dehydrated. Try giving him water in a syringe several times a day. If this doesn't help, I am afraid that a trip to the vet is what he really needs.
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Something is definitely wrong. Not eating, drooling and being lethargic is a sure sign that something is wrong. Since you say that he has very bad teeth that is likely the cause. That can cause drooling and not eating and the lethargy may be because he's in pain or has an infection that has spread. Please continue to give him wet food. Not eating is very dangerous for a cat and can lead to liver failure very quickly and that is fatal.
He really does need to get to a vet and get his mouth looked at. It may be something that could be fixed with antibiotics but if it's something like an abscess or a broken tooth he may have to have it removed and that is not cheap since it has to be done under general anesthesia. It has to be dealt with though. Dental problems are very painful. Are there any low cost vets in your area? Where do you live?

The smelly gas could just be due to his diet. What does he eat? It could also be due to other things so a stool sample may be in order to be on the safe side. Has he been dewormed since you've had him?

Are you able to get him to the vet or would you need your aunt and uncle for that? Maybe you can google "cat drooling not eating" and show the pages that come up to them. If a cat is drooling from having eaten something bad it should just last for a little while. If the drooling lasts for more than a day or two it's not caused by eating a bug.

Good luck and thank you for looking out for the kitty.
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Sounds like an abscessed tooth, or an abscess somewhere in the mouth.

I've had this before with an older cat the drooling and not being active, after a trip to the vet and 2 teeth pulled he did a complete 180.

Make sure if he does get teeth pulled to ask the vet for a a liquid antibiotic and pain reliever for afterwards
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Any news about the kitty?
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My cat had similar symptoms, he touched the oil at the top of the Glade plug in oil diffuser we had in the living room. He had ulcers in his mouth and he burned the skin on his paw. He was hospitalized for two nights and had a feeding tube. We tube fed him for a week until he was able to eat on his own.
The oil diffuser oil is very dangerous to animals and small children.
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