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Peaches is missing!

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My Peaches has been missing for a day and a half. I really miss her and hope she will come back soon!
Here is the link for those that havn't heard the story of Peaches.
Please send come home kitty vibes.
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Peaches come home...Mommy is worried sick about you!!

Sending good vibes your way Ginger...I hope Peaches comes home soon!
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I hope Peaches will return home!
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Make posters with the great photos you have! Put them up at mini marts, pet stores, vets offices, street corners, and bus stops. This should help bring her home.
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oh noo! Come home Peaches!
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I hope peaches comes back
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Hoping Peaches comes home. It must be hard for you to have Peaches missing.
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I hope she will return soon!
Just in case, you may want to check with the shelters in your area too.
Come back, Peaches!
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Come home Peaches vibes winged their way to you and Peaches.
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Thanks everybody. Still no sign of her anywhere. I called the local shelter but noone answered the phone. I left a detailed message so hopefully they will call me back soon.
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Oh No! Come home Peaches we all miss you
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Here's hoping Peaches finds her way home.
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Oh No! Ginger I hope peaches comes home soon!

Keep us updated.

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Well its about 11:30 pm and still no sign of Peaches. I am hoping her "real" owners found her and she is safe inside tonight (she was declawed). Ugh, I keep telling myself that. I hope that she did not get into it with another cat or another animal and is hurt somewhere. This is the first time since I pet her for the very first time that she has left my front yard. I really miss her alot. She was my little "smoking" buddy. Everytime I went out on the front porch, there she was. I would brush her, feed, her and pet her. Just the day before she left I had made her a special bed to lay in on the front porch, she loved her bed the minute I put it down for her.
Poor little Peaches, I just hope she is ok!
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I hope Peaches is okay too. I am keeping my fingers crossed and praying that she will find her way home.
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I am so very very sorry to hear about Peaches! I will send up a prayer that Peaches will be home with you very soon! Keep us posted!!!
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Oh... I hope little Peaches comes home soon!
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Its morning now and it's been 2 days since I last saw Peaches. The local shelter called me back. They don't have any cats fitting her description
I put out food, maybe she will waunder back this way soon.
If her "owners" found her you would think that they would have knocked on my door before they took her since they would have had to see the cat bowls, cat bed, and brush on the doorstep.

Come home Peaches!!!
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Did Peaches still have that tag and collar on that you put on when you first found?
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Peaches, come home soon!!!!!
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No Peaches did not have a tag or collar. I didn;t get one because she NEVER left my front porch, NEVER! It's really strange that she is gone after 3 months of living on my doorstep.

I am so sad, I cry every time I go out front. I don't get to brush or pet her anymore, it's so lonely out there
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Oh, no! She hasn´t come home yet! That is so sad.
(((((((HUGE HUG))))))))
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Have you put up any fliers yet? Have you called the vets in your area in case she was hit by a car and taken to the vets?
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I will go to the vet's annd put up flyers in the morning. I havn't yet because she NEVER left my front porch. I couldn't imagine she got hit since she was always close by. I will check the vet's tomorrow morning.
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I really hope peaches finds her way home to you.
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I know how distressing it is to have a kitty missing. I hope you find Peaches, or at least find out where she went soon!!!!
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Ginger - I'm just now seeing this. I'm so sorry she's gone missing! PEACHES - I HOPE YOU'RE HOME!!!!!!

Any update?
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Still no Peaches. I guess she isn't coming back. Steven and I decided since she was so loving and declawed and spayed that she must be someone's cat in the neighborhood that got out. I have a feeling that her owners found her and took her home. At least I hope that is what happened.
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Aww Ginger, I'm sorry, but don't give up hope yet. Maybe Peaches is just out catin' around!
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