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Earthquake Shakes Missouri!

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I hoping our Missouri members are ok!

4.0 Magnitude Earthquake Shakes Missouri
2 hours, 35 minutes ago

WEST PLAINS, Mo. - An earthquake with an estimated 4.0 magnitude shook parts of southeast Missouri early Saturday, but no damage was reported.

The earthquake hit at 12:09 a.m. and was centered about 10 miles northeast of West Plains at a depth of about 3.1 miles, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

"It shook some houses, but no damage was done," said Howell County deputy dispatcher Paul O'Brien.

The quake was in the New Madrid Fault zone, which runs across parts of Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, Illinois and Arkansas. The zone experiences more than 200 small earthquakes (news - web sites) annually.

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Wow!! That's something we are supposed to have out here. Didn't know they got quakes in the midwest.
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I didn't know that either. I thought us midwesterners just had the luck with tornados! What's next...hurricanes?
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Oh yeah, we have earthquakes. I felt one some years back. I live in Northeast MO. Didn't feel this one today. Was driving about that time and may not have noticed it. Thank goodness. Although, we are a ways from where it happened.
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I've been thru some really BIG quakes. I remember during the big Northridge quake, my cat Snoopy who is now almost 18, took a flying leap on my back with all claws out, just holding on for dear life. Me, I don't like earthquakes, one little bit.
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I have lived outside of St. Louis all my life and I can remember two quakes. Both shook the house, rattled windows and knocked things off of shelves.

If I remember right I have read that one of the New Madrid fault quakes made the Mississippi river run backwards in the early colonial days of the Midwest. I believe some lakes in Tennessee were formed from this quake.

We did not feel the quake last night. So it must not have been too bad.
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OMG, I had no idea and Missouri is my neighbor!
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WOW in missouri .
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We have earthquakes quite often, the North Atlantic Ridge emerges in Iceland, quite close to where I live, but is otherwise submerged in the Atlantic Ocean. The American Plate and the European plate are on each side of the Ridge. I think the earthquakes are fun, as long as noone gets hurt and houses don´t get ruined.
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Didn't feel a thing in Kansas City, although I am about 10 miles from the Kansas border.

If the New Madrid fault ever goes in a big way, there will be some big cities gone (either Nashville or Memphis). I've read that this faultline is actually bigger and more deadly than the San Andres.
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