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My new gonna kill me!

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I just wanted to give you all a update on my new career. I started my new Management job on August 4th and I have to honestly say it was the hardest week I've ever worked. I have SO much respect for my other co-managers! They (we) run their butts off trying to please everyone and are expected to do 10 things at once. My feet haven't hurt this bad in a long time! Plus in the first week, I lost 7 pounds from all that walking and running around!
It was definitely an eye openner! The first week, I was really wondering if I was cut out to do this kind of stuff but now I'm much more confident. People are respecting me and actually following my commands. I wasn't sure if some people could handle me telling them what needs to get done since I'm brand new at this Management stuff. Not one single complaint or rebellion...yet.

I heard yesterday that I have my "big" interview on Tuesday with my new boss. I'm really nervous, but everyone has reassured me that I'll do just fine. Apparently 18 people have applied to go to the Management Program and they are only taking upto 5 people. Nicki (my store manager) told me that she knew I'd get accepted since I've got more experience than all those other applicants combined. So apparently my 10 years with the company is starting to pay off!

I did have a problem with my paycheck the other day and it's still not over. I plan on hashing it out with Nicki on Monday. I was supposed to get a 50 cent raise when I became a Support Manager, but when I looked at my pay stub..that raise was not on there. When I asked the Accounting gal, she said that technically they couldn't pay me that because Pharmacy was paying my wages for that payweek. Granted, it's only about 20 bucks but it's the principal of it all. I worked Management hours, so I deserve Management Wages. Needless to say, I'll be watching my pay stubs a bit closer now.

Other than that, everything is going pretty good. I'm really looking forward to going off to the Program even though it would be nice if they'd let me know exactly when I'm going. I still need to find a Apartment and some furniture.

Just wanted to share with you all since I've had a few people asking how my job was going. Thank you everyone for being so supportive to me during this big change. I really appreciate everything!
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Of course you will have no problems with the interview! You are the coolest manager there!
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LMAO!! Thanks for the confidence booster Teresa!
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Wow - sounds like you had quite a week! Wish I would lose weight working

I think with time maybe you'll be less tired. First day that I was teaching I lost my voice and my feet hurt so bad I couldn't stand the rest of the day or the day after that. Strangely enough, with time it's become less of a problem.
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Thanks Anne! This week was much easier on my body. I'm still extremely tired, but not as bad as last week. I figured that I roughly put 6 miles on my feet everyday just by walking in that store. Man, that's a lot of miles! My store is the tiniest in Nebraska, so I can only imagine how much walking I'll be doing when I go to a big store. Can anyone recommend some good walking shoes?

Thanks again Teresa and Anne!
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With my job I've been able to keep the weight down because of all the running I do too, but Shell, hun, please make sure you have a pair of properly fitting shoes or else this job is going to be a lot harder than it is now. And they don't have to be expensive shoes either, as I've found out - I just needed wide shoes.

Congrats on the new position!- and make sure you get paid that $20! Don't let them walk over you for a second.

keep us posted!
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New Balance and Dr. Martens were the most comfortable for me when I was running around like you are. I grew to enjoy all the motion after a few weeks. I really miss my old job.
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Thanks Tamme! The shoes I've got now are pretty good ones. I hate wearing tennis shoes or sneakers...they just don't look right for work. The ones I've got are Eastlands and they don't hurt my feet. I was wearing Doc Martens, but those were so heavy!

As for the 20 bucks, I'm gonna give them grief about it. I won't really need to worry about my pay in a couple of months since I'll be going salary, but it's just not fair to the hourly people when they pull this kind of stunt. I told off the Accounting gal when she gave me that excuse. We've been friends for years, so she knew it wasn't anything personal. But I told her "No wonder WalMart is the leading Retailer in the World...they screw their Associates outta money!". She just shrugged her shoulders...she knows that this stuff happens all the time. She also told me that it will even out in the long run because the main store is paying a associate to work in the Pharmacy (the main store and the Pharmacy have different payrolls). Since Pharmacy paid my wages last week and the Main Store is paying this other gal for working in the Pharmacy, it evens out. I told her "Hmm...I don't see how that benefits me any! I still got screwed out of money...but the Walmart still got the best deal, huh?". She just walked away...she knows it's the truth.

I'm sure this stuff happens every where, but dang shouldn't happen at all. And that is my point that I'm trying to make with them.

Sorry for the small rant there...sometimes I just ramble on at times!

Thanks again Tamme!
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wow I wish I had guts like you! Way to go!!!
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Yeah...sometimes those "guts" get me into trouble! Usually I don't say anything and just go with the flow...until I've taken enough of it and explode.

That's one reason why everyone thought I'd be good in the management field...I don't take much crap!
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Shell, I'm so glad you're feeling more confident about your new position! I new you'd be ok after giving it some time! Pay changes always seem to take time to sort out with Payroll. But they'll get it done. And they should go back and make up the difference.

I'm glad you posted about this! I was just thinking about it last night but was too tired to post another new thread and ask you!
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Shell, I went through four pairs of shoes, before I found a comfortable pair. My on-my-feet work shoes are a pair of black leather men's joggers, from KMart. They set me back $25, 2 1/2 years ago and I still wear them.

If there is a Just For Feet, Popular, Lady Foot Locker or Famous Footwear near you, check them out. They sell good walking shoes, in addition to sneakers.
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I've been a manager for a long time and have been in both the interviewee and interviewer positions. Here's the most successful things that I've used as an interviewee, and watch for these as an interviewer:

Placing a person in a job has to be a "win-win" for both parties. If you aren't interested in doing the work in that position, then you won't be happy with that job. They won't be happy having you work for them either.

With that said, prepare yourself in advance with a list of questions about the job. Don't be afraid to turn the interview around and YOU do the interviewing.

Bring in a piece of paper with a list of questions on it. At a good breaking point, ask them if they mind if you look over your list of questions to ensure that you have everything covered. If you prepared yourself well in advance, you can look at the list and say "yes, I think we've covered everything on my list". I've had interviewers awed when I've stopped to refer to my list of questions.

Find out as much as you can about the job in advance, but also have the interviewer confirm what you have heard. Learning about it in advance allows you to channel the questions towards any area of concern.

Don't bring up salary or benefits in the interview. If your interviewer brings it up, respond as needed. Salary discussions are usually done with the HR manager at a later time.

And don't get over anxious about the interview. What's the worst that can happen? They can turn you down. Other jobs await you, and use this to gain experience for future interviews.

Good luck!!

If you are preparing a resume for this interview, that is a whole different topic.
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Shell, it´s good to know your job is working well, and everyone does as they are told!
I can belive you are tired! If you get in trouble about your weight loss, I can send you quite a lot of them, I have some to spare!

And about the 20 dollars - don´t let them get away with it! I tend to let people walk all over me, and I hate it. I always find the "right" thing to say afterwards.
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I will be thinking about you on Tuesday when you have your interview! I am sure it well go well!!!! Keep us posted! *hugs*
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Originally posted by Shell
Can anyone recommend some good walking shoes?

I recommend shoes by Aerosoles. They are quite comfy. I usually find them at places like Rack Room, or similar types of shoe stores.

Also, I recently received a catalogue at work that has many shoes advertised to be especially for women who are on their feet or walking all day. There are a couple of pairs that I was thinking of ordering. Here's the online link:

Homeroom Direct Shoes
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BTW, Shell, you'll do great in the mgt. training program. WTG on this new position.
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Thanks Deb! That means a lot to me especially coming from a former Walmart associate!

This job is never boring to say the least. There is always something to do! I'm still nervous about Tuesdays interview. I just hope I don't mess it up some how.

Thanks everyone for your kind words and suggestions! I really appreciate it!
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