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Covered litter box problems....

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I am having problems with two of my cats. One cat insist on kicking the litter out the door everytime that she burys the waste. I swear that she is trying to dig to china. The second cat a DSH named Uncle Louie was afraid to use it until to this last week. He would always use the uncovered box down stairs. I saw Uncle Louie use the covered box today for the first time. He jumped in and proceeded to piss straight out the door onto my carpet The problem as the other cat Lita just got done a couple of minutes earlyier and kicked the litter out on the carpet. What a muddy slimey mess on my rug was the result EEEEeeeeerrrrrrrr Does anyone have any ideas how to avoid this mess from happening again?
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I have seen a litter box design where the cat enters from the top. This would prevent both the kicking and the missing problems. But I have not tried it so I do not know how the cats would feel about using it.
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I have both diggers and open-top only cats in the house. My open top has a ridge along the top that snaps off but leaves some protection against overflow. My digger flings litter everywhere. Most of my cats use the covered ones, but they will turn around and point their head out the door when they go.

I have had to put rubber back throw rugs around the litter boxes. I pick them up and shake them outside a few times a week. They are also machine washable.

Sorry - no better ideas here.
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You can make your own top entry cat box with a storage box from Target. Just cut a hole into the top and put an astro-turf door mat on top. (Cut a hole to match the one on top of the storage container.)
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I have a covered litterbox and a cat that pees outside the opening. Since I knew of no way to stop her from doing this, I place the litterbox in another plastic box (like one that is made to go under the bed, it is long and low so that it is easy for the cat to get into) I then place a puppy training pad in front of the opening of the litterbox and tape it with masking tape to the sides of the box (if you don't tape they like to dig and crumple the pad up). So when she pees outside of the box everything goes on the puppy pad and you just change the pad.
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