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anyone into this show? I just put in the first disc of season one. I hope I like it!

I'm a huge buffy fan.
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I really dig Angel! I watched it religiously during its first season, but ever since I've only gotten to watch it sporadically. I do have a general idea of what's happened over the years and am looking forward to seeing more of it this upcoming season. If you love Buffy, Angel will not disappoint!!!

... I LOVE Buffy as well. I'm still waiting to get Season 4 on DVD. Money is a bit tight, and I can't say that owning it is a necessity. What did you think of this last season of Buffy? Were you happy or disappointed with the way it played out?
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I love Angel, I am very excited about the upcoming season and Spike joining the cast.

IMO, Angel is just as well-written as Buffy. The character development is equally good. And who can go wrong with David Boreanaz in the lead?

The last season of Buffy was better than the one before it. I liked the end with Buffy not alone as the slayer anymore.
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I agree that Angel is incredibly well written (as is Buffy). Besides the pure entertainment factor, one of the reasons I like watching both shows so much is because of the great literary value they hold.

I liked, but was not overly impressed with this last season of Buffy. I enjoyed last season much more. Unfortunatly, because SMG decided not to continue on with the Buffyverse, a lot of key story lines were left unanswered (that should have been answered, or at least should have progressed) this season. Also, there were a lot of inconsistancies this season, which is way out of the norm for the writers of Buffy... see here:


I am also extreamly happy that Buffy is not the lone slayer (yes, yes, I know there's Faith) anymore. When all of the potential slayers were being 'awakened' I was sitting on my couch, clutching my pillow, just waiting... waiting for something to happen to me!

... and you're right, bren.1 ... you absoultely CANNOT go wrong with Mr. Boreanaz in the lead

.... and also, I don't know if anyone would be interested, but Middle Tenessee U is offering an online Buffy course next summer. If anyone wants to check it out, I'll post the link!
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Jillian, I was a late buffy bloomer. I didn't really get into until after it ended. I would catch it here and there, and always knew I would like it if I just sat down and really watched it, but for some reason never got into it when it was on. I have the first 4 seasons on DVD, so I'm getting up to speed. I only saw the 6 & 7th season sporadically. So I don't have a firm opinion of the ending of the series

I'm on the 3rd episode of Angel, so far I like it!
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I've never heard of Angel. Is it a series or a movie?
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Angel is a TV series... it's a spinoff of Buffy.

I'm also a big fan of both Buffy and Angel. The Angel series is out on DVD, but only season 1 so far. (Colby, you should most definitely like the whole series if you like it so far. ) I can't wait for the new season to start!
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Sorry to spoil the moment but I don't like either!
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That's okay Sam, that's why there's more than one channel available.

It's funny how sometimes I end up liking things I think I really won't. I wouldn't even watch Buffy in the beginning because of the snip-its of the movie of the same name. At the time, I had no idea they completely rewrote the whole shebang for the show - and I can't say I'm unhappy they did. The writing/actors/consistancy (for the most part) are all good, and the characters are quite funny and witty at times. Now I just feel kind of bad for the people that won't give it a chance... they're really missing out. (Of course, that won't stop ME from watching it, so I guess I don't really care! )
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I love Buffy and Angel. They are very well written. The character development is great and everyone works well in the group. It bummed me out when they killed off the half demon in the first season though.
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Eep! Careful Teresa, Colby is just watching the first season for the 1st time!

I too was saddened by that... I enjoyed his character.
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I had the biggggggest crush on Doyle... *sigh*... his name was Doyle, right?!?!?
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I'm utterly delighted to find other ANGEL buffs! I never saw any of Buffy because my husband wouldn't watch it. But, he was gone when ANGEL started and I immediately fell in love with him! Er...with David Boreanez I mean. Love the cast and all the different demons they come up with. I have never missed an episode and will watch them over and over. I think they are not using Charisma Carpenter next season, but hear she will be put back in later. I so want her and Angel to.... well, you know, bite each other? I can't wait for the new season either!!!!
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Well after a weekend of heavy tv watching and scrapbooking I'm now on like episode 11 or something of Angel. The last one I watched last night was the one where the vampire that angel sired was killing people in LA, recreating the deaths of his family.

I can't believe they killed off Doyle! Does anyone know the inside scoop on why they did that? I can't understand why they would axe a regular cast member of a new show, so quickly in the first season. There is usually a reason, like being unable to reach an agreement about money, etc. It doesn't make sense to take away one of the 3 major characters when the show is still so new. I'm only on the second episode with Wesley, but so far he's no replacement for Doyle

I have to admit, the one where Buffy comes back and Angel becomes human, and then decides to turn back time had me bawling when he was telling her his decision, and she kept saying 'it's not enough time' I couldn't stop crying. That episode was SO intense. My boyfriend thinks I'm an idiot
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