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Joey's latest form of self-entertainment

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Ok, my little Joey is driving me nuts with his latest antic. He runs the length of the living room into the dining area and leaps onto the table. Since there are cloth placemats there, he hits the table and slides to the other end on a mat. Everything on the table goes flying off! This morning, he pulled this stunt while I was sitting there eating breakfast. I had to grab my bowl of cereal so I wasn't wearing it! It's like Six Flags around this joint!
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LOL Thanks for the morning laugh!!
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LOL!!! But Deb, Joey was only trying to enjoy his morning exercise. And there you were, sitting right in his way!
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That just sounds too cute!
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we want pics!
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Well this put a smile on my face today! How fun!
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nothing like a cat sliding through your ceral huh?
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Originally posted by Sicycat
we want pics!
Surely you jest, Sicy. I have enough trouble getting a still shot, much less an action-packed one.
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OMG That's too funny, you should have let the cereal fall on ya!(Just jokes of course )

We need pics of joey to celebrate!

even just one?
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Sounds like hs is having a blast!
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Deb that sounds so cute!
And what were you doing knowingly sitting right in the middle of his romping ground? It was really your own fault, you know.
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ha ha ha ha sounds entertaining.
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That's so funny!!!! Maybe I could loan you one of Amber's little suction cup bowls!!! Then it wouldn't fall off!
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