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Legitimate Coach Handbags?

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I am wondering if these outlet stores sell the real Coach bags or are they knock-offs. Does anyone know.
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Originally Posted by blueyedgirl5946 View Post
I am wondering if these outlet stores sell the real Coach bags or are they knock-offs. Does anyone know.
chances are these are probably Knock offs. But if you have a local outlet center like Tanger Outlets those are real ones. We have one in Pigeon Forge that always has cute stuff! Its usually the returns or the displays, or last seasons styles. Last time I went I got a really cute hair scarf, but I am thinking about going back soon for a wallet.
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This company is from West Samoa.There is not much about the site, bags, and there are really no reviews in there.... I find hard to believe a true Coach leather bag would be sold for $62. And I would not feel comfortable just giving my C/C to a company I know nothing about in West Samoa for a bag that the price is not making sense.... Just my opinion FWIW....
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Knock offs. If you want a discount on a REAL coach bag, there are Brick and Mortar coach outlet stores at many shopping centers (Outlet centers)

Even at an outlet, Coach is overly pricey.

(I'm a pocketbook addict...)
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It's knock-off. The email to contact them is a gmail address, which is free. If it were legit, they would have a server address and a statement on their site that they were authorized Coach sellers.

Also, did you know that knock-off designer items, be it clothing, purses, shoes etc, are made mostly in China using child slave labour? Not to mention the infringement on the name and design.
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Knock offs. Check out the Tanger Outlets those are legit.

The fashion industry loses over a billion dollars a year due to people selling knock offs. *Thank you Top Model for sharing that tidbit...and that cycle was years ago when they did that speel so it has to be worse now*
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this is a great site to tell if a Coach bag is a knock-off or not.

I can usually spot a knock-off a mile away after working in the Coach Dept. in Macy's for a few years. People tried to return knockoffs as the real thing, lol
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I second the Tanger outlets if you want a real Coach bag. I however will not pay that much for any purse/wallet. Now if someone buys me one; fine! But otherwise no. I'm hard on my bags and I don't change them often. But I still hate spending money on them. I'd rather buy shoes!!
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I've never been one to buy expensive purses. I have a friend that works at coach and have been thinking about asking her if she can get me one.

I have a knock-off purse that my mom bought me last year. I don't use it, it feels very stiff and fake.
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I'm not really hard on purses, but I find that even when I buy an expensive bag, the leather always tends to tear where the handles join to the purse, be it via rings or leather loops.

I'm a fan of Kathy Van Zeeland bags. They run around $100 or $120 here. I think I have 3 of them. However the purse I most use these days is a cross body one because I was using a cane for a couple years and it was hard to have one hand tied up with a cane and the other with a purse.

Here is the link to the Kathy Van Zeeland site.

I think that was the first ever brand name purse I ever bought. All the rest were just cheapies under $40.00 or so.

I have one purse that I bought in the 1980's. I tell you that they don't make purses like they used to! This purse is suede-like leather, and the only thing wrong with it is that the handle is tearing away from the purse loop. And I used that purse up until about 5 years ago when I traded it in for something lighter in weight. I would have kept using it but the purse seems to be double layered leather and has heavy hardware so it was becoming murder on my back even when it was practically empty.
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I have to say I have been VERY happy with my Coach purses. I have an outlet store (legit) near me. This phrase "If you have some precious advice and suggestions,please kindly feedback us" reeks of knock off.

Three years ago I purchased a bag from there for a bit over $125.00. I use it every day. Nothing has broke, there are no cracks or rips.

The way I see it is if one decides not to spend money on a handbag and buy a cheap piece of crap from Wal-Mart, chances are you will buy way more than i would by buying a quality handbag.

I am not sure if this applies to the handbags purchased at the outlets but you can register your handbag. If something fails you can contact Coach and get a replacement. Of course you have to register the serial number that is on the inside of the purse.

If you are going to buy a knock off...most know it is a knock off. If you just want a name go for a knock off. I bought mine for quality. Like I said, I pay for quality. A well made authentic handbag will last so much longer than any cheap piece of garbage you can buy at the big box stores.
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I bought an amazing, classy Couch bag with a matching wallet at a brick & mortar Coach store at an Outlet center in Southern California last December. I am not much for trends, so I think this was to my advantage. I mostly just go it for important events :-)

The store was in a high end outlet mall with the likes of Gucci as well!

Both the wallet AND the bag was a total of $76 including tax
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