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Aint life great??

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I was driving to work early this morning - it was a beautiful morning, sun was out, sky a golden color and all was well with the world. I put the windows down, slid the sunroof back fully and with it being flat calm, I put on the stereo and turned it up ( abig apology to my neighbours as Bon Jovi at 7am is not good - however, the track wanted dead or alive was just crying out to be heard). I felt good - had a good nights sleep and believe that there every single person out there that has given me support these last few days on TCS, has made me feel great.
You just know when you have slept well and life feels GREAT.

I drove through the wooded area and was parked at traffic lights under the branches, enjoying that morning air when all is still.

When I look up at the rustling of the trees and branches , look back down and the lights turn green. The car in front stalled and stopped. I braked and then felt something hit my T shirt and then my head and then the windscreen - and loads of it.

The car set off in front of me, I wiped my face and feeling absolutely filthy, I drove home and had a quick shower.

That damned rustling in the trees was about 12 pigeons who all decided to empty their complete contents of their inner bodies at the same time - all over my car - on my now balding head and straight through the open roof =- YUKKKKKKKKKKKKKK

Aint life just great and all I could do was laugh - however, pigeon pie may be on my menu tonight!!!
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Kev, ain't that the way things go? Just when you're feeling good someone poo-poos all over you.

Glad you got yourself cleaned up! I hope you continue to have a great day.
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Hey kev~

It's supposed to be good luck if a bird targets you... And you got hit by a whole flock! You'll probably win the lottery or something.

I am surprised that they can all synchronize their movements like that. Wish I could teach the kids in school to all have to go at the same time.
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But I am glad that you are feeling great!
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My s/o has a new theory about bird poop. A while ago, it seemed that every new thing he had - and a newly washed car - had to be pooed on by a bird.
We were in Paris a couple of years ago, he had an new jacket on - that got pooed on, we bought a large trawel bag (instead of a suitcast) out there since we seemed to have bought a lot of things - and that got pooed on right away. Hi bought a very nice sportsbag - that did not get pooed on - and it got stolen! We were going home the next day, so we couldnt go and buy another one. So, he wished it had got pooed on, then it would have been safe!
So it is an "obvious" approval in the poo, that new things are his or the car well washed!
So according to that theory, your day is approved - or YOU are!
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All I can say is, "EWWWWWWWWW!"
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sorry but it was soooooo funny when I read that .I would have being PO and may have pigeon pie myself
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This is not the first time this has happened to me - some years ago - was driving to an airfield to fly out in the middle of Lincolnshire. I was due top fly at 7am and the contest started an hour later. I had left at 4am to be able to prepare myself mentally for the comp. At that time of the morning, there was nothing round on the country lanes bar an occasional rabbit etc.
Well I came round a corner and saw something flapping around. As I was about to pass this flapping thing to my left, to my horror it took off into flight, right in front of the car. It was a crane or something huge with big wings and legs longer than a top model!! Anyway, suddenly, complete whiteout accross the windscreen. I knew straight away what had happened and shoved on the wipers which struggled to remove the poop. I had to stop and emptied the contents of a bottle of water over so as to drive. Thank god I did not have a sun roof open as I may have drowned!

Some years ago, my mother had a caravan and Carol and I went to see it on its first outing in the dales. we laughed on a very hot day and decided that in true style, the caravan should be christened like a ship. So we opened a bottle of 7up and shook it and sprayed the front end of it all over.

We all then went to the pub and had a couple of hours and came back to see a lot of commotion round the caravan.
It was not the people who worried us, it was the swarm of wasps that had landed and were enjoying the sugar... my mother nigh on killed me for that one!!!! took us ages for someone to get rid of the swarm, trying to find someone on a bank holiday weekend was an imposibilty and cost me serious ££££££

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Originally posted by Pollyanna

So it is an "obvious" approval in the poo, that new things are his or the car well washed!
So according to that theory, your day is approved - or YOU are!
well I did not win the lottery, suddenly I feel rich enough with familly and you lot as friends. I went home from the office, took my wife and son shopping, bought a DVD on Tae Bo for excersise and completed the work out. Brought some meat, had a great barbie (found that I am a typical man - the barbie made its first trip out and I took over completely - glass of wine in one hand, tongs in the other I was master of my domain - I was king) - I ate too much and still feel sick - and did not argue once with my son.

I am hoping for better things tomorrow but today was a great, if somewhat mucky start, however, I had washed what hair I have the night before and also this morning - this may be a record for me!!

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ewwwwww! that is gross, but great for a laugh. Kev you crack me up
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